Crystal's One-Year Anniversary at Southgate Coins

Last June (in 2008), when Crystal interviewed for a position at Southgate Coins as a summer intern, Rusty and I (Marie) had no idea how much was “packed” into our new, little frontline assistant. Now one year later, Crystal has blossomed into one of our finest workers, who’s always there to lend a helping hand.

Southgate Coins honors Crystal on her birthday

She assists Maya in management duties and she’s always anxious to learn new jobs. She has effectually participated in training new girls, making sure they learn their jobs, so they too can be confident, competent helpers.

Crystal is an excellent organizer, and here at Southgate Coins there’s no end to us using her talents in that capacity. She’s kind and friendly, and we’re so glad that she’s a part of our team. Rusty and I hope she stays with us as long as she’s able to.

Now, here he is to add a few comments.

We hired Crystal in June 2008 at a time when Marie and I questioned if—other than Maya—there were any dependable workers still available. We had just been burned by a long-time employee, and we were in pain. Crystal survived an intense interview, which probably caused her to question if she was applying for a position at a coin shop or at the CIA. In spite of signs of insecurity and timidity in Crystal, we saw something in her that encouraged us to give her a three-month trial internship.

Crystal gets cake and a certificate on her one-year anniversary at the coin shop
Southgate employees stuff their face with cake on Crystal's anniversary

One year later, it’s like Crystal is a different person. She accepts challenges that are contrary to her nature, and will even go toe-to-toe with an out-of-state coin dealer if he fails to fulfill his commitment. A hidden talent that Crystal has revealed is her knack for assembling office furniture and her aptitude for other handywoman type projects.

I was tickled when Crystal used a skill she learned at UNR—not a common occurrence with college students—and sent a note written in Japanese to one of our C4OA members in Japan. That’s what I call a residual benefit of us hiring a UNR student.

Marie and I were pleased to celebrate Crystal’s one-year anniversary at Southgate Coins. She deserved the attention: not to mention, the certificate of achievement poster and the delicious pineapple bundt cake.

Way to go Crystal! Keep up the good work.

Marie and Rusty