We Surprise our Bosses and Ourselves on 2010 Boss Day

From asking about how our weekends went, to birthday celebrations, to Halloween dress-up days, Rusty and Marie are always making us girls feel like we are not just part of their business, but also part of their family. Boss’s day is always a prime opportunity for us girls to show Rusty and Marie how much we appreciate all that they do for us. We get to celebrate them for a change. 

Southgate Coins staff honors their bosses, Rusty and Marie Goe, on Boss's Day

Although all the Southgate girls were part of the plot, Maya was the brains behind the whole operation. Maya bought a card earlier in the week and had all the girls fill it in with their thanks and praises, that way it was ready to present to Rusty and Marie when the time came.

Boss’s day was this past Saturday (October 16, 2010), and all the girls were working except Maya and myself (Rebecca). The plan was for Maya, baby Embry, and I to meet in the Southgate parking lot at 12:50 p.m., in order to surprise Rusty and Marie with the card. As most of you probably know, plans sometimes do not carryout as smoothly as you’d hope.

Here’s Maya to tell you how it actually went down:

Well, try as I (Maya) might, I don’t think I’ve ever had a plan go more awry than this surprise for the Goes. I made sure that Nicole, Akimi, and our newest hire, Elaine, all knew to contact me ASAP if Marie announced that she was leaving earlier than usual. As foolproof as this sounds, Marie practically snuck out, which caused Nicole to frantically text me: “Marie’s leaving!!!” I simply replied, “I’m on my way!”

Southgate employee Maya and her baby Embry meets up with staff to surprise Rusty and Marie on Boss's Day

Luckily, Miss Rebecca arrived at Southgate ahead of time. When I called her, she said she was in the parking lot, and that—oh no—Marie had spotted her sitting in her car! Marie then proceeded to walk up to Rebecca’s car and knock on her window to make sure she was okay! Rebecca asked what to do, and I told her, “just tell her ‘Happy Boss’s Day’ and get her inside, I’ll be right there!”

Southgate Coins owners, Rusty and Marie Goe

Of course, Marie was totally surprised by Rebecca, and they went back into the store. I arrived within minutes, and we brought out Rusty (who was confused as to why Marie wasn’t gone already). We then presented the Boss’s Day card to them both, which caused much laughter when they read it. The card reads, “I don’t think of you as a boss, but more as a friend.” Then on the inside it reads, “A bossy friend maybe, but still a friend!” And of course, no card can be complete without a Nicole-decorated envelope.

Even though getting the card (and the Southgate girls) to the Goes was a bit of a fiasco, we pulled off yet another Boss’s Day. We’re all thankful that we have the greatest bosses ever.

Once again, Happy Boss’s Day, Rusty and Marie. You guys are the best.

-Maya, Rebecca, Nicole, Akimi, and Elaine