Colder Weather Welcomes New Christmas Decorations

Since the Halloween and fall decorations have come down, the Southgate Coins crew began to embrace the winter season. Although some of us are in denial of the much colder weather that has suddenly come over Reno—including myself (Nicole), who loathes being wet and cold—we are never against filling the season with cheer by putting up new, colorful decorations. Read on to find out more about this season’s Christmas decorating tradition.

Southgate Coins owner Rusty Goe sneaks into the picture of the girls decorating the Christmas tree.

This will now be my second Christmas with my Southgate Coins “family.” Christmas is not only my favorite holiday, but it also reminds me that my two-year anniversary is approaching quickly (December 29th!). It’s a time full of busy shoppers looking for that special gift, and it also brings many more cheerful spirits into the store compared to the other seasons. To go along with this welcomed joyfulness, Southgate Coins staff always loves to decorate.

Coin shop team members Nicole and Elaine decorate the store for the holidays
Maya and Rebecca decorate Akimi with holiday garland at Southgate Coins

Unfortunately, I became very sick the day we were supposed to start decorating and had to call in. However, the girls and Marie were nice enough to save me some of the finishing touches for when I returned to work later in the week. It’s always nice to be apart of what’s special here at Southgate, even if it has to be unluckily put on hold for a little while.

Here is Akimi to reflect on her feelings about being included in Southgate’s Christmas decorating tradition for the first time.

Hi everyone, this is Akimi! This was my first Christmas decorating experience at Southgate Coins. Rebecca and I pulled out a big tree to assemble, along with a bunch of cute ornaments to decorate it with. Some of our favorite ones were the light-up Coca Cola ornaments, especially the one with a polar bear inside of it. It put a smile on my face! Maya also joined us to display some beautiful wreaths. The other girls and I had so much fun that at one point, a string of garland for the tree got wrapped all around my face and neck! We also filled the store with Poinsettias, which always create an instant Christmas mood, while they compliment the festive color scheme. It all looked beautiful.

From us here at Southgate Coins to all of you, we wish you all a very cheery—and chilly—holiday season!

-Nicole and Akimi