Improvements and Renovations for Southgate Coins

Back in January 2010, like many people do at the start of the year, the owners of Southgate Coins made a few New Year’s resolutions. One of their resolutions was to undergo a few store improvements and renovations that were long overdue.

Crystal shows off Southgate Coins new interior security gates

Now, when I (Crystal) say “a few,” I actually mean a sizable number. We made preparations for all the improvements back in December 2009 continuing through early January 2010, but the actual work did not begin until February.

The first item on the agenda was to get our old carpet repaired. We even had some of the threadbare areas and even whole sections replaced, to give everything a cleaner look. This was a large task since the workers needed to finish it in a single day. Four carpet layers and their supervisor spent almost a whole day in the store.

We spent much of the day buzzing them in and out of the store, keeping out of their way, and then cleaning up the mess that was left behind when they finished. At the end of the day, we all appreciated the fine new carpeting. It was a good start to our month of improvements—and the carpet-glue smell only lasted about three days!

Southgate Coins gets a vent in the conference office

On that Tuesday, February 16, while our carpet was being renovated, the contractor-in-charge told us that our new security scissor gates for the inside, front of our store were ready to be installed. So two days later, on a Thursday, two laborers and a supervisor came to install the gates. This time, however, it didn’t take as long to complete this project—only half a day.

The installation of these new scissor gates, unfortunately, temporarily hindered our customer’s entrance into our shop. But the installers were very considerate of our customer’s needs, and tried to keep the entranceway as clear as possible.

When all was said and done, the gates made a great addition to the store—not to mention the extra feeling of security they provide. In the daytime, the new gates blend in with the background, as if they weren’t even there. At night, they are snug in place to secure the store.

Southgate Coins goes Nevada Blue for its exterior security gate paint color

On Wednesday, February 24, we made it through one of the last big days of tenant improvements at the store. Our security alarm company installed an outdoor security camera, and our contractor installed an extra air vent in our conference office to ensure the room maintains a comfortable temperature. Both projects created a big mess, with all the electrical wiring, ceiling insulation, and dust flying everywhere. When the projects were finished, we had lots of cleanup to do. Now, we have more security and better air circulation. Yay!

Finally, if you have visited our store and remember our outside security gates, you might have noticed they were black in color, and had paint chipping and signs of rust due to weather conditions over the years. Well, not for long! A company picked up these old gates and within a couple of days had removed all the rust and painted them with the same Nevada Blue color that matches our logo.

Overall, it has been a very hectic month, with all of our renovations and improvements around the store. But, everything is looking tip-top and fresh. What a way to start the New Year!

If you’re in town, you should stop by and check it out.