Kentucky Derby Day 2010 – Southgate Coins Celebrates with Style

A long way from Louisville, Southgate Coins once again brought the spirit of the Kentucky Derby to Reno. Each year, the store celebrates this classic horseracing event with much enthusiasm, and as the tradition progresses, the odds get more and more overwhelming that no Southgate girl will bet the winning horse!

Southgate Coins staff dresses up for Kentucky Derby Day

This year, the Southgate crew’s fashions rivaled what you would see on Millionaire’s Row at Churchill Downs—each girl sported a gorgeous hat, and was dressed to the nine’s for this much-anticipated, free-dress workday event. Cara and Nicole both decided to go the long sundress route, while Dixie and me wore blouses with skirts. Shayna wore a stylish blouse and Bermuda shorts, and Marie wore a flowing patchwork-like skirt, with an elegant black-knit cape. Aside from his Derby Day hat, Rusty sported his usual, oh-so-debonair work attire topped with a nice sport jacket.

Southgate staffers Nicole and Cara show off their Kentucky Derby Day fashions

As the tradition goes, each girl receives a free $2 bet to place on one horse in the race. This year the picks were as follows: Rusty picked Noble’s Promise, Marie picked Jackson Bend, I picked Dean’s Kitten, Cara picked Dublin, Nicole picked Line of David, Dixie picked American Lion, and Shayna picked the only filly (or girl horse), Devil May Care. Even with seven out of the twenty horses picked, not one of us even placed in the top four. Rusty was actually the closest to the podium, with his horse placing fifth. Mine, as usual, placed fourteenth.

This was actually my fourth Kentucky Derby Day at Southgate Coins. As one of the first Southgate celebrations I attended after I started working here, Derby Day has always been one of my favorites. In the past four Kentucky Derby Days, I have been able to watch history being made: Calvin Borel’s (or “little Gollum,” as we like to call him) horses have worn the roses for three out of the past four Kentucky Derbies, a feat no other jockey has accomplished.

Southgate Coins girls and owners Rusty and Marie Goe pose for Kentucky Derby Day

This year, Calvin and his horse, Super Saver, charged through the slop to place first in this 136th Running of the Roses. Although none of the Southgate staff benefitted from this win, two people did. First, the horse’s trainer, Todd Pletcher, finally got to make his victory speech, after 24 horses he entered in the past failed to win for him in the Derby. Second, a lucky guy named Glen Fullerton won the Kentucky Derby’s Dream Bet promotion. He received a $100,000 free bet to place on any one horse in the Derby. Glen went with his instinct, and placed the money on Super Saver. After what was probably the most heart-pounding two minutes of his life, Glen walked away $900,000 richer.

Coin shop employees enjoy pizza for lunch during Southgate Coins Kentucky Derby Day celebration

To top off all the horseracing action, our bosses, the Goes, treated us to fabulous pizza, gourmet cupcakes, and even our favorite lemonade-berry drink. After running out of beverages last year, Nicole made sure to pick up extra this time around, and it looks like we’ll be having pink lemonade for a few weeks to come!

Southgate coins owner Rusty Goe treats staff to gourmet cupcakes for Kentucky Derby Day

At the end of the day, it was time to say goodbye to fellow Southgate girl, Shayna, who worked with us for four months. She decided she needed to move back with family in southern Nevada. Farewell, Shayna.

This Kentucky Derby Day proved to be a great company event. Maybe next year (my fifth Derby) I will bet on the winning horse! (I can’t wait to find out who Calvin Borel will be riding.)

Coin shop attendants watch Super Saver with the Kentucky Derby at Southgate Coins

From all of us at Southgate, have a wonderful beginning of May!