Fall Decorating Season at Southgate Coins

Hello everyone. Fall has come, and I can smell it in the air! My name is Akimi, and this is my weblog debut. I am the first Japanese-speaking staff member at Southgate Coins. I started working here in June 2010.

Southgate Coins employee Akimi poses with fall decorations

This is my first time to see how everyone at the store celebrates the fall season. On Friday morning, 09-24-10, I walked in and smelled a nice scent of apple cider fragrance. I instantly imagined myself holding a mug of warm apple cider in my hand. Marie gave me her car key and asked me to unload boxes of fall decorations.

Nicole and I started opening the boxes filled with pinecones, imitation pumpkins, scarecrow dolls, and flowers. This was my first decorating task, which we call “fun disguised as work.” I personally enjoy any kind of decorating, but fall is the most exciting of all seasons. The scent of apple cider and the beautiful decorations, gives a warm introduction to the colder season to come.

Nicole and Akimi place fall decorations at Southgate Coins

Now here’s Nicole to describe more details about our day of decorating.

As Akimi has mentioned above, fall is always an indicator of a much colder season to come. To me personally (Nicole), it’s a bittersweet feeling, since I absolutely dread the cold, yet the holidays and colors that also accompany the drop in temperatures are by far my favorite. This is no different at Southgate Coins. Whether it’s the various bright and welcoming decoration themes, the celebrations, or the start of wearing long-sleeve undershirts to work, all of us at Southgate Coins love to take part in the whole experience.

I enjoyed the start of our decorating season with Akimi and Maya, and of course the many pictures that always come with any special day. Marie and Rusty even took part in the decorating and picture-taking!

Southgate Coins employee Maya Roberts creats a fall basket for the coin shop

Here’s Maya to let us know her thoughts on the change-of-season.

Well, as far as fall decorating is concerned, I guess you can say I am a veteran at Southgate Coins. This is my fourth time helping to prepare for the fall and winter seasons here at the store, and it is always a pleasure.

Along with the decorations and cider-fresh fragrances, the fall season is also the time to train new girls (and refresh “old” girls) on the rudiments of giving tips to customers on gift-giving. We double-stock our shelves, pull out some neat gift sets, and spruce up the entire store in preparation for people wanting to find those oh-so-unique presents for their loved ones.

Of course, the other benefit of the fall decorating season is it is an instant reminder that Halloween is right around the corner. And, if you know Southgate Coins, you know that decorating and dressing up in costumes go hand-in-hand!

Rusty poses with the scarecrow decoration at Southgate Coins

It looks as if Reno will have a beautiful, mild autumn season. We hope if you are in the area you will come in and say hi to everyone at Southgate Coins. We would be happy to help you find that perfect gift, or that hard-to-find addition to your coin collection.

Best wishes for the change of seasons,

Akimi, Nicole, and Maya