June Free Lunch Fridays: Burgers, Tacos, and Barbeque! - June 30, 2011

Whenever there’s an event month, such as Kentucky Derby Day in May, or Christmas in December, Southgate Coins always knows how to treat its staff to delectable dishes each Free Lunch Friday. This past month was Reno Rodeo June, and boy, do we know how to chow down on some comfort food! Read on to find out about June’s feasts.

Well, you know it’s a good month when you get to dress up (at least partially), support your community, and fill your stomach. This month we got to do all three, and were treated to mouthwatering food from the following fine dining establishments:

  • Famous Dave’s BBQ – Always a hearty meal at Dave’s. You just can’t beat meat drenched in sweet and tangy BBQ sauce! (And, due to the conference office being occupied, this was one of the rare FLFs that we got to eat at our workstations!)
  • Taco Bell – There’s nothing better than a pseudo-south-of-the-border burrito that’s sure to fill you up just right. Nicole and I (Maya) have come to the conclusion that this is the cheapest FLF option that still stuffs you to the gills.
  • McDonald’s – As the staple in burger joints nationwide, Nicole and I made sure to get just what we wanted: chicken nuggets, and chicken sandwiches—no burgers, haha!
  • Famous Dave’s BBQ – With a platter full of savory, home-style favorites, this Reno Rodeo Free Lunch Friday was to die for. Read about our activities here.

Like always, Rusty bravely handled all the customers and phone calls in this busy, bullion-buying-crazed month. At least he got to enjoy some yummy food when we called him in from the wilderness we call the showroom!

With each month that passes by, we continue to remind ourselves that there’s no place like Southgate when it comes to employee perks. The company lunches and dinners are only one of the many bonuses to being a Southgate girl!

Here’s looking forward to next month!


Summer eat brings Free Lunch Fridays at Southgate Coins