Halloween Tradition is Kept Alive

With all of the events that have kept Rusty and Marie working long hours in 2012, the decision was made six weeks ago to curtail Halloween Dress Up day for the year. After devoting so many hours to the preparation of the Battle Born Collection catalog, the meetings in August, and all of the follow-up work that occurred post-auction, we didn’t feel it was fair to place the extra burden on Rusty and Marie to prepare for Halloween as they have in years past.

But, we held that tradition alive nonetheless. Although no formal plans had been arranged, Rusty was very happy to see that Nicole and I (Maya) had continued the tradition. He arrived at the store today to see us both in Halloween headbands, Nicole with her adorable shark fin, and me with my cat ears.

Southgate Coins company tradition is kept alive as employees dress for Halloween while buying and selling gold and silver

We waited for our new-hire, Emily, to arrive later in the morning, and we were able to present her with a choice of headbands. Since she chose the devil horns, we presented Marie with the angel halo. Not wanting to be left out of the event, Rusty dug a few costume accessories out of his bag of tricks to join us with a green leprechaun hat, disguising eyewear, and a corncob pipe.

Although no one was fully costumed, we are still able to say that for years and years, we haven’t let this company-favorite tradition subside. Hopefully next year we will be in full-dress once more!

Happy Halloween to all of our weblog readers, and be safe driving around all those eager trick-or-treaters!