Coin World Publishes Rusty Goe’s Third “Royalty ‘CC’ Coin” Article About the Famous 1873-CC Without Arrows Quarter

Anticipation builds as readers eagerly absorb each word of Rusty Goe’s latest Carson City Royalty article: “Princess of Carson City Coins.” You can find this masterful piece in the May 7, 2012 edition of Coin World.

With only five extant examples known, the Princess of Carson City coins (the 1873-CC No Arrows Quarter) is a highly desirable issue. In this article, Goe relates the production timeline and respective auction histories of this elite Liberty Seated quarter date-denomination combination. In addition to images detailing diagnostic characteristics, Goe also includes information about notable sales and pedigrees for this sought-after coin.

The Princess of Carson City coins—
1873-CC No Arrows Liberty Seated Quarter

Photos of prominent numismatic historical figures tied to the coin are displayed, as well as images of all five known extant specimens—which is a first for any numismatic publication.

Once again, the Rusty Goe/Coin World union has produced a beautiful and incredibly informative article about the 1873-CC Without Arrows Quarter. Next up is the Carson City issue that everyone is drooling over—the 1873-CC Without Arrows Dime, or the King of Carson City coins.

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