Coin World Presents Rusty Goe’s Second “Royalty ‘CC’ Coin” Article on Famous 1876-CC Twenty-Cent Piece

Following the smash-hit debut of Rusty’s “CC” Coin Royalty article about the Queen of Carson City Coins (the 1870-CC $20 gold piece), the Duke of Carson City coins (the 1876-CC twenty-cent piece) makes another big splash for Carson City coin enthusiasts browsing their April 2, 2012 edition of Coin World.

The article, titled “Duke of Carson City Coins,” provides readers with a behind-the-scenes informational guide about 1876-CC twenty-cent pieces. Intriguing diagnostic characteristics of this rare coin are illustrated in detailed images, along with prominent historical figures tied to this special date-denomination from the Carson City Mint.

The Duke of Carson City Coins—
1876-CC Twenty-Cent Piece

With the upcoming sale of the spectacular Battle Born collection of Carson City coins less than five months away, anticipation will continue to build around the “Royal Quartet” of the rarest Carson City issues.

Once again, a wonderfully presented article that will surely referenced for many years to come! Good job, Rusty!

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