Bring on Summer with May Birthdays Galore

To say May is a busy month here at Southgate Coins would be an understatement. Not only is it full of the usual deadlines and clients coming into the store, but this year has been buzzing with tireless work for Rusty regarding the historic Battle Born sale this coming August. But no matter how demanding it can get here, Rusty and Marie always make sure Maya and I feel appreciated. Read on for what big event took place this month.

Southgate Coins celebrates employee birthdays outside Claim Jumper in Reno

This month is an extra special month, since three out of the four of us all celebrate birthdays in May. Maya leads the pack with hers on the 19th, Rusty’s on the 21st, and my own (Nicole) on the 31st. Since last year, we all decided that instead of celebrating them individually, we’d have a big dinner for all of us at once. This year Maya and I chose to go to Claim Jumper restaurant.

A popular restaurant here in Reno with giant dishes, it seemed like our waiter Nick kept bringing us never-ending amounts of hearty and mouth-watering food. Although we felt like we were stuffed to the brim with food, Maya and I ordered a hot fudge brownie for dessert, and Rusty in addition picked out an extra dessert for us that we loved—a cookies and cream mud pie with Oreo crust, yum!

After buying and selling rare coins all day, Southgate Coins owners Rusty and Marie Goe treat Nicole Hoff and Maya Jones to birthday dinner

As we finished up our desserts, we exchanged birthday cards. Maya and I teamed up to draw a frantic writer on Rusty’s envelope since he has been diligently writing for months now to reach momentous deadlines. We even joke to customers at times that we have him “chained to his desk” working until all hours of the night.

We have a few months until the next birthday here at Southgate, but at least the month of May was busy enough to last us awhile! Thank you Rusty and Marie for such a lovely dinner with the crew, it was yet another year that we get to share these special occasions with each other.

Southgate Coins employees Nicole Hoff and Maya Jones surprise coin shop owner Rusty Goe with a birthday card

Hoping everyone is having a great start to their summer,