Southgate Coins: Serving the Northern Nevada Numismatic Community for 11 Years

Nationwide, September 11 is known as a day of remembrance—a day where we honor the memory of all the lives that were touched and changed by the tragic events of 2001. Although we take part in this mass acknowledgement of one of the most devastating events to occur on United States soil, we also must take time to reflect on our own journeys since that date eleven years ago.

Over 2,600 miles west of the events that were occurring in Manhattan, a small, Reno coin shop was preparing to come into existence. Due to a delay in the completion of construction at what would become Southgate Coins on South Virginia Street, the owners (Rusty and Marie Goe) were forced to put off opening the store until Tuesday, September 11, 2001. What was expected to be a relatively smooth opening turned out to be anything but.

Southgate Coins Opened Its Doors on September 11, 2001

That morning, the Goes were preparing for their first day at their new store when their neighbors urged them to turn on the television to see what was going on in New York. Shocked by what they saw, the Goes immediately decided that among the other essentials they were bringing to the new store, they would include a TV.

Although it was a very sullen day to open a business, we have to be grateful for the success we’ve achieved in the 11 years since that fateful day. We’ve gained many good friends and clients in the Northern Nevada area and around the nation, we’ve won countless literary awards, we’ve sponsored coin giveaways, we’ve raised awareness of the Carson City Mint and its coins through various publicity stunts, and we’ve established our roots in this “Biggest Little City.”

Many thanks go out to the friends and customers of Southgate Coins. We appreciate your continued support and camaraderie, because without you, there’d be no us.

Best wishes to you, and to anyone affected by 9-11.