Stack’s Bowers Makes Amends - Credits Rusty Goe for His Work on Battle Born Auction Catalog

In what looked like a major oversight, Stack’s Bowers Galleries, in its January 24, 2013 Americana auction catalog, omitted Rusty Goe’s name from the team of catalogers that created the company’s historic Battle Born auction catalog in 2012. Stack’s Bowers also failed to cite Rusty Goe for the commentary of his its cataloger used in the description of the 1876-CC twenty-cent piece in the 2013 Americana catalog.

The company issued a statement on its website and in an E-newsletter sent to everyone on its mailing list that admitted the oversight and recognized Rusty Goe’s contribution to the Americana catalog description, and to the success of the Battle Born auction catalog. Stack’s Bowers said it meant no disrespect to Goe.

You can read the company’s statement below.

Catalog Update: Important 1876-CC Twenty Cent Piece Rarity to
Highlight Stack’s Bowers’ January 2013 Americana Sale

Stack’s Bowers Galleries is pleased to be offering the Boyd-Kern-Hydeman-Champa specimen of the fabled 1876-CC twenty-cent piece rarity as lot 13170 in our January 2013 Americana Sale Rarities Night event. Certified MS-65 by PCGS Secure, the complete pedigree of this important coin is as follows:

Stack's Bowers Galleries Apologizes for not citing Rusty Goe on description of rare 1876-CC Twenty-cent piece

Ex: F.C.C. Boyd; Numismatic Gallery’s World’s Greatest Collection sale, March 1945, lot 487; B. Max Mehl’s sale of the Jerome Kern Collection, May 1950, lot 1642; Abe Kosoff’s sale of the Edwin M. Hydeman Collection, March 1961, lot 405; Joe Flynn (Kansas City dealer), offered publicly at $23,900; Julian Leidman; American Auction Association’s sale of the Armand Champa Collection, May 1972, lot 791; Ron Winget (Secure Monetary Systems); Bowers and Ruddy; Stephen Tebo; Superior’s ANA Auction Sale of August 1975, lot 349; Quality Sales’ Carlson/Shipkey Sale, November 1976, lot 349; our (Bowers and Merena’s) Danny Arnold and Romisa Collections sale, September 1984, lot 2211; Reed Hawn; our (Stack’s) session of Auction ’85, July 1985, lot 1653; and our (Stack’s) ANA National Money Show Auction of March 2002, lot 352.

Unfortunately, after mailing out copies of our January 2013 Americana Sale Rarities Night catalog, we noticed that we had made an unfortunate and unintended error in the description for this 1876-CC twenty-cent piece (lot 13170). On page 40 in that catalog, in the second paragraph, we accidentally omitted Rusty Goe’s name as one of the members of the cataloging team for the historic Battle Born Collection, auctioned as part of our August 2012 Philadelphia ANA Auction. Stack’s Bowers Galleries apologies for this omission and assures everyone that we meant no disrespect to Rusty.

In fact, the major portion of the description for the 1876-CC twenty-cent piece being offered as lot 13170 in our January 2013 Americana Sale Rarities Night event was adapted from Rusty Goe’s contribution to the description of the Battle Born 1876-CC twenty-cent piece in our August 2012 Philadelphia ANA Auction.

We want to thank Rusty Goe for all of the valuable work he put into creating the Battle Born auction catalog, with all of the enlightening information he contributed to each coin’s description, and for the tremendous effort he put forth in making the sale of the Battle Born Collection one of the most successful numismatic events of the past decade. Because of Rusty’s insightful writing (and that of his team members, Jeff Ambio and Q. David Bowers), the Battle Born catalog will serve as a standard reference work on Carson City coins for posterity.

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