Celebrating Boss’s Day in 2013

After precious Nicole left us to move to Houston, TX in early July, I (Maya), knew that most likely, I would be the only one left here at Southgate to continue on the tradition of Boss’s Day. Since I started working at the store (in 2007), Boss’s Day has always been one of those “forgotten” celebrations. Rusty and Marie consistently keep track of normal holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays, but Boss’s Day is always a surprise to them when it rolls around every October.

This year, I felt that I shouldn’t just lump Rusty and Marie together in one card, as they both serve separate rolls as my bosses. For Rusty, I chose an award-themed card, since he’s always the one pushing forward. He’s always got the next project in mind, and yet somehow continues to work on the 3,000-some active projects in which he’s already involved.

Southgate Coins manager Maya Jones honors coin shop owner Rusty Goe on Boss's Day 2013

Marie serves as Rusty’s head cheerleader, and manages the other “minor” details of running their business together. I say “minor” in quotes because this involves everything from janitorial services, to inventory stocking, to human resources, to bookkeeping, to coordinating with vendors/suppliers, to processing inventory... the list goes on and on. For Marie, I chose a comical card that I knew she’d like.

Southgate Coins manager Maya Jones honors coin shop owner Marie Goe on Boss's Day 2013

In addition to the cards I gave Rusty and Marie, and as a special treat, I got the Goes McDonald’s cheeseburgers for lunch today. You can’t beat a $9, three-person lunch!

Southgate Coins coin shop in Reno, Nevada celebrates 2013 Boss's Day

Happy Boss’s Day, Rusty and Marie. I may be the only employee left for now, but that doesn’t lessen your burdens as business owners and bosses, and you deserve to be recognized.