Southgate Coins Wraps Up 2013 by Reviving Free Lunch Friday Tradition

Nothing brings people together in the holiday spirit on the Friday before Christmas like piping hot lunch from Olive Garden. As a tribute to two traditions that were subdued this year—Free Lunch Fridays and Christmas company dinner—Rusty and Marie treated me, Maya, with a Christmas-themed Free Lunch Friday as a special treat.

It was neat for us to be able to gather again in the conference office, between rushes of holiday shoppers, and enjoy pizza, five-cheese ziti, spaghetti with meat sauce, chicken Caesar salad, zuppa Toscana, and of course, buttery breadsticks. (Marie decided to get the “one-of-everything-please” off the menu!) We talked about our plans for the holidays: Rusty and Marie at home with the pups, and me with my two little ones and husband, and for the first time in quite a while, we posed for a group lunch picture, with Rusty included.

Southgate Coins employees Maya Jones and Marie Goe celebrate Christmas at the Reno Coin Shop

Thanks so much, Rusty and Marie, for keeping the holiday tradition alive and allowing 2013 to come to a pleasant close. This year proved to have many ups and downs for each of us here at Southgate, and we hope that 2014 will bring a renewed sense of peace and balance into our homes, and our workplace.

Our best to you this holiday season!