The Wizard Gets One Year Wiser

After a glorious weekend adventure with Marie and the other girls (Nicole, Emily, and me, Maya), Rusty has returned to the daily grind here at Southgate Coins. But, just because we celebrated his birthday once at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe’s Friday Station steakhouse, does not mean that he won’t be acknowledged on his special day here at the store.

Southgate Coins owner Rusty Goe is honored by his employees on his birthday.

Each year, both Rusty and Marie persistently keep the doors open six days a week at their Reno coin shop, providing a wonderful work environment for us Southgate girls. But, they each treat themselves to a special day off during their birthday month. Rusty’s special day happened to coincide with the special South Lake Tahoe trip he’d planned for all three of us May babies (Rusty, Nicole, and myself). As you can see, even though the day off is designed to be a relaxing day away from the store, he chose to hang out with us anyways—what a guy!

In any case, we sincerely wish Rusty a wonderful birthday, filled with the joy of knowing that without him pulling the strings (whether it’s coordinating work projects, planning company events, buying or selling coins, or anything else that the Wizard takes on!), we wouldn’t exist as the productive, well-oiled machine of a coin-company-family that we are.

Southgate Coins owner Rusty Goe placed a winning bet on the Preakness horse race, just in time for his birthday at the Reno coin shop

Here’s to the boss-man! Have a happy birthday, and know that we’re all excited to share in your special day!

- Maya, Nicole, and Emily