SOUTHGATE SNIPPETS - To Question Stupidity

In any field there are some questions that can come off as...stupid. Be sure to tune into this week's Snippets as Somer claifies some of the more ridiculous questions that can be asked at Southgate Coins.

To Question Stupidity

By, Somer Athari

Now that I have been here for about 2 years, I have to say that I have heard some pretty interesting questions. “So, my coins are really dirty, what do you recommend for cleaning them?” “My coins are in really good condition…what do you mean Good Condition is the worst condition?” “Does this Blue Book also have foreign coins?” "I have some of those gold sasquash dollars. What are those going for today?" (To this one, normally our response is "absolutely, hold on one moment while I transfer you over to our coin expert" but this one was too irresistable, "absolutely but our bigfoot expert is currently on the other line, do you mind holding?")

Now, I say these questions are interesting, but are there any stupid questions in coin collecting? That is a complex issue in itself. Normally, I would jump in and say no of course not, but sometimes that is not always true. People that come into the store or call on the phone with questions, all of us girls are always more than willing to lend a helpful ear. Beginning collectors or even expert collectors that may have some trouble with a particular set, coin, etc., give us genuine delight to have an answer to all the subjects that may arise in a pleasant conversation; this really puts our brains to work and quizzes us on all the information that we have accumulated over our time working here at Southgate Coins, which is pretty extensive. Us girls especially know how the world of numismatics is constantly changing and detailed, so any question is always important. We started with far less information than most beginning collectors and realize that the more you learn about coin collecting, it seems that the less you feel confident about. It’s ok, we know exactly how you feel. The more enquired a customer is, the more we learn ourselves. We have Rusty and Marie to be our knowledgeable experts/teachers. If there is a question that stumps even us, we can always resort to the absolute professionals that have been in the field for over 25 years.

There are people out there however, that aren’t really looking for the answers to their questions but rather waiting for the answer that they want to hear. These people just aren’t helping anyone, chiefly themselves. If they think that their bi-centennial Eisenhower dollar, 1979 Susan B. Anthony, or even gold plated statehood quarter is worth more than a dollar, than try to find someone who wants it for more than a dollar. Sales tax is a whole other issue that can not be argued! In a state that has sales tax on coins, rather than arguing with the vender, try arguing with the state’s government. What can I do about it, but follow the laws? And if these people don’t want to believe us girls, due to our age or for whatever other reasons, then be settled in knowing that the answer you are looking for won’t always be available here at Southgate Coins and calmly depart from the store or hang up the phone. Confrontation will not make your answer suddenly appear. You asked a valid question, but to argue is making the assumption that you know more than the expert in a store absorbed in the field of numismatics. These questions become repetitive, pointless, and unfortunately very stupid.

Southgate Coins questioning stupidity

All of us here at Southgate are here to help, I promise. Ask us anything in complete confidence, and each of us will be excited to answer any and all questions, so long as you continue to listen.

Your Knowledgeable Correspondent,