Autumn at the coin shop

Time for festive fun!  Southgate coins is getting prepared for the holidays with all kinds of exciting new gift options.

Coin Holidays

By, Somer Athari

Orange-toned coins for autumn at Southgate Coins

Can you believe that it is already October? Here we are already wrapped up in the holiday season again. With all the holidays that are coming up, I can’t help but start worrying about what gifts I am going to give this year. Last year, I didn’t have to worry so much, because all my gifts were from abroad, which makes every gift special. Luckily, I work at the collectible utopia, Southgate Coins.

A Silver ingot with colored enamel, in stock at Southgate Coins for the holiday season

Coins are capable to bring so much to every occasion, especially during these holiday seasons. There is really a gift for everyone! We always have the personal wish list favorites like Carson City coins, Proof Sets, Mint Sets, and modern commemoratives, but there is so much more. Rather than just a gift certificate (which we have as well) what about a great informative book on coins; the Blue Book, Red Book, Morgan Dollars Red Book, The Mint on Carson Street, Coin Chemistry, etc., etc.. We also recently picked up some really great silver special occasion rounds and bars, which are great festive gifts for all ages, whether avid coin collectors, people that love silver, or customers that just enjoy shiny objects!

What about those people that you just don’t know what to get? I know we all have friends/family/co-workers that have just about everything, so where in all the universe will you find something original and interesting for them? Well, you don’t have to go far into the celestial blackness because right here in Reno, Nevada there is a collectibles store that has practically everything for just those kind of difficult people.

1 oz Gold American Eagles among the jack-o-lanterns

When we have so much to choose from, I even have a hard time figuring out what would be the best gift. Fortunately, there is never a worry of long lines, busy parking lots, or uncaring employees. We here at Southgate Coins try our hardest to make our store, displays, and employees the most enjoyable experience a customer could have.  Not like the Mall during those peak shopping days before Christmas! Yikes. No thank you.

I know it is still early to consider holiday gifts, but just remember to consider Southgate Coins your first stop, and maybe even your last on your shopping list this season. Wouldn’t that make the holiday season less stressful and that much more happy?

Your Festive Fanatic Correspondent,