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Southgate Coins staff dresses for Halloween

Well HHHHHEEEELLLLLLLOOOOO-ween to all you scary readers of Southgate Snippets. This week, Somer screams about some of the things gooling on around this haunted coins shop. BOOOOOOO!

Breeding Spookiness

By, Somer Athari

Coin shop owner Marie Goe’s birthday cake and Breeder’s cup celebration

Here it is Halloween already, and of course, Southgate Coins is ready to celebrate…but for so many other reasons than simply this national “spooks” holiday. In Nevada, Halloween is actually the day our Territory became a State. That’s right; Nevada’s birthday is on the United States’ festive day of the dead, October 31st, 1864. Frightful isn’t it? Another famous birthday just came and went this week too; October 26th, 2005 is Marie’s birthday! Make sure if you call, to wish her a grand belated birthday; no singing is required, but as always, much enjoyed. And to show our love for holidays, we have all dressed up even, for this once a year occasion.

Southgate Coins staff knows how to celebrate the costumed holiday
Southgate Coins staff dresses up for Halloween

This is the day where anyone can be someone else; where an average college student coin shop assistant can be something shocking. We have all tried to be something very different from our normal alter egos. For example, when I was little I used to pretend that I was able to tell people's futures. So Tah Dah! For one day only, I can read the coin shop's future, which seems bright and sunny. Sweet, kind, innocent, Heather has become a bodacious biker babe. As for Sarah, she has dressed as her favorite pregnant pop-star, with baby fat still intact, acting like she doesn't enjoy the attention. Rusty is sporting the famous baseball number 3 for Babe Ruth, and Marie has been dancing around in her pink poodle ensemble all day. Of course, no costume party is complete without the Lady of the Lake and Daisy Duke. We are all dressed to spook the customers with our frightening charm.

For Halloween, we have been bred for a BIG bombshell. Just like the horses that will be riding into the hearts of all of us, this Saturday for the Breeders Cup. Only 8 races, which only last for a few short minutes, and consist of over 80-100 horses; all striving for the label of WINNER, Number 1, the best, and possible Triple Crown Champion (but this title comes later). I can’t say who I will be rooting for, but I can tell you that I am destined to finally win a race, any race, and all races. Out of all the best horses in the world, I should be able to find just one best of the best. I am O for at least over a dozen races.

Breeders Cup apples

Rusty and Marie have prepared for this annual tradition, so that all of us are to meet at their house for the main event. We will all be there when the races start at 10:00 a.m. sharp, ready to lazily cheer for our horses to beat everyone else’s. Rusty will be slaving away in the kitchen, making his infamous yummy, gooey, delectable, creamy cinnamon rolls and muffins. YUMMY! We have all been salivating over the idea all week. I have never had these fantastic mouth-watering treats, but I have heard too many great things to pass up those rolls! We will all be back to all our alter-egos (average selves), wearing only our pajamas and solely equipped with our empty stomachs, our bets, and maybe a pair of glasses to hide our really super selves. Now how does that sound for a very special yearly day-off occasion? I know. You don’t even have to answer. Let me guess; too nice for words, perhaps? (it’s always a good thing to leave an audience speechless.)

Your Mysterious Gypsy Correspondent,