SOUTHGATE SNIPPETS - Hold Those Horses for Other Possible Winners

Southgate Coins staff gathers at the Goes’ house for a horserace

Horses or Coins? Last Saturday, it was no contest! Horses reigned the Saturday morning at Southgate Coins. The whole crew scratched working and rather hung out watching the Breeder's Cup all day. Also, a re-cap on the Job Fair results. Somer gives the inside scoop.

Hold Those Horses for Other Possible Winners

By, Somer Athari

Southgate Coins employee somer with her winning horse race bet

And they're off! I know you all want to hear about our Breeder’s Cup Saturday bash, so without further adieu…all of us Southgate Girls rushed to Rusty and Marie’s house on Saturday morning. Sarah was in the lead, then Heather, then, naturally the 100-1 shot-Somer trailed by a few too many lengths being last to arrive. We all raced into the house with our bets in hand and ready to actually place, or even show in some of the races that occurred that day. Sarah and the other girls came so close, so many times; I think that they should have won some sort of Certificate of Appreciation, or something for quality picks.

Southgate Coins staffers pose with the horse listings

Me on the other hand I finally did it. There are just so many horses I would like to thank; first being Stevie Wonderboy, secondly Silver Train, and last but certainly not least Artie Schiller. I won not once, not twice, but three of the 8 races, which made ME the top money earner of the day. We all bat (a jockey’s whip) ourselves into shape, picked our winners five minutes before the race, and handed it in to our personal bookie and money supplier, Rusty. For one of the final races, 4 of us chose the 99-1 horse, Shake the Bank, which was in the lead for ¾ of the race, then fell back, WAY BACK, and if I recall correctly didn’t shake any of our banks on Saturday. I’ve got an idea pertaining to horse names: if a horse’s name is going to include the word "bank" in it, it better produce positive results!

Southgate Coins owner Rusty Goe with the puppies

Thankfully, with all the loss in the room, there were also so many sweeter aromas to remove the awful stench of defeat. Rusty cooked his number 1, cream of the crop, blue ribbon…Danishes, equipped with all the fancy fixins’ like chocolate, and fresh apples. MMMmmm!! The best thing about the day was…even if everyone wasn’t a winner, and there were a few of us, we all had great company and certainly, as always, great food! Rusty and Marie really always know that the way to get to college girls’ hearts is through their stomachs.

Southgate Coins owner Marie poses with the pups

We all hung out in our sweats, grubbed on everything in sight, and played with Rusty and Marie’s puppies: Gracie (the old-timer), Sunny (the smarty), and Mikey (the runt). How many companies that you know of do things like this? I leave this question up to all you Snippet readers out there. You have your homework cut out for you.

Speaking of cut-out, Southgate Coins and Heather's cut-out made their official debute at the UNR Job Fair yesterday. Though the fair wasn't the biggest success ever conjured up at Southgate Coins, many applications were presented at such a rapid rate that it races by as fast as the horses that ran on Saturday. Ok, maybe not quite that fast, but you have to admit that our booth was as equivilently great as the horses I chose. Rusty and Marie have found that great employees are as rare as the horses that raced in last weekend's famous Cup; it's a good thing that great racing horses stand out from the rest. We are looking for all the Secretariat, Smarty Jones, and the Afleet Alex's out there.

Southgate Coins owner Rusty Goe works a staffing event

Your "Winner and Still Champion" Correspondent,