SOUTHGATE SNIPPETS - The "Coin Cheer" Squad

Southgate Coins cheer staff posing for the camera

The squad of Southgate coins has a new rookie, who is ready to cheer her way into your hearts.

The "Coin Cheer" Squad

By, Somer Athari

Southgate employees retrieving traditional Free Lunch Friday food

This week, I am happy to report that we have a great new employee learning the ropes.

In fact, it seems that the quote, "some of the best things come in small packages" has become more and more true around these parts, especially with our newest killer employee, Kelly; weighing somewhere in the lightest of featherweight competitions. No, she was never a boxer, or wrestler, (though she does look vicious doesn’t she?), but she has been in her fair share of competitions... cheerleading competitions that is.

Southgate Coins staffers in their Flipping is Sweet company T-shirts

All of us veteran varsity girls are ready to prep our newest rookie with all of the crucial moves that are a must in our Southgate squad. Kelly has been quick to learn the roles that are expected of all of us girls here. Now we are ready to take on the world with an even more qualified team than before.

Southgate Coins owner Marie Goe and 3 employees hard at work

"Southgate, Southgate is our store, they have everything and more! Southgate, Southgate, Sis, Boom Baa, Southgate, Southgate, Rah, Rah, Rah, Search for a buffalo, Search for a dime, Just come to Southgate and have a good time! YEAH!" Ok, I am no clever chant captain, but with 4 of us girls, we have been able to maintain the number one slot for the most cheerful employees in the numismatic field. Our team will always be unbeatable for that, and of course maybe the store with the best selection of "CC" mintmark coins in the nation. That’s for all of you to decide. Just check out all the Carson City coins on this site.

Your Killer Cheer Captain Correspondent,