SOUTHGATE SNIPPETS - Happy Pre-Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Southgate Coins

Is your whole family in town for Thanksgiving? Well, consider Southgate Coins the extended family that you never had, or never had to give a gift. Somer emphasizes with the busy holiday season coming up, why just tell your loved ones what you want; here you can show them exactly what you've been looking for.

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving

By, Somer Athari

Autumn fruit & vegetable decorations at Southgate Coins

Happy Turkey Day all you coin enthusiasts. Before you know it, there will be the after Thanksgiving phenomenon known as Christmas shopping. All the long lines, busy stores, crowded streets, etc., etc. Thankfully, for some of us, the Wonderful World Wide Web has provided so many capabilities for us more relaxed folk, who would rather buy gifts in less-abrasive conditions. That’s why Southgate Coins has our fantastic new website. That way if there is a particular gift you had in mind, it will be obtainable in our product lists. If it isn’t there, guess what? We still have it, so you can always send us an email, or call. It’s that simple.

A Thanksgiving Feast

With that said, enjoy the next week and eat as much mashed potatoes as possible, until you are just as content with the food as you would be looking at your coin collection. I will be taking a long weekend myself. So, eat, drink, and be merry with family and friends, because that is what these holidays are designed for, right? Then when you get your fill of all your extended family in town, remember that we are the extended family that will never inconvenience you or argue with you about the viscosity of gravy. Check back next week to hear all about the festive happenings at Southgate Coins.

Your Extended Correspondent,