SOUTHGATE SNIPPETS - The Calm Before the Storm

Is it storming in your town or city? Come check out what storms are brewing in Reno, Nevada at your most friendly coin store, Southgate Coins.

The Calm Before the Storm

Brewing a storm in Reno

By, Somer Athari

Southgate Coins staffers prepare for the holiday season

Well, I don’t know about all of you, but I am still stuffed and serene from yesterday. Thanksgiving was our final day of calm before the rush of holiday shoppers looking for the perfect gift. The storm at Southgate Coins has arrived, and we are more than ready for it.

Normally during this time, our outstanding mountains are dressed to the nine in fluffy white skirts of snow; with storm after storm stock piled with feet of snowboarding/skiing enjoyment. The forecasters say that snow is on the way, but the season of snow tires and chains hasn’t arrived in our neck of the woods just yet. So, all of us here stormed in ready to create a more festive feel with a Christmas tree, lights, bulbs, stockings, and wreaths, to help make up for the lack of Christmas décor out of our merry door.

Southgate Coins owner Marie and employee Somer put up the Christmas tree

Speaking of storms, Rusty emerged on Monday and blew everyone away. Rusty had drenched himself in some fluffy white items of his own. He stepped out of his role of Numismatic Master (This term is given to him by myself and the girls.) and tested his talents as a thespian. Performing in front of live cameras in an acting class at the community college, Rusty out bluffed the rest; playing a poker dealer at a table in an Old West town. Rusty delivered his lines in lightning sync with the other actors in his skit, dressed to the hilt, with old fashioned white bushy brows and moustache. Although it was lots of fun, he says that he isn’t quite ready to turn in his greysheets for greasepaint.

Rusty Goe dressed as an old-timey poker dealer

During this time last year, there were storms of construction workers coming in and out of the store, trying to tear down walls, sawing, hammering, drilling, etc., etc. Luckily this year, we don’t have to worry about such troublesome and earsplitting storms a-brewin’ within our humble abode. Southgate is ready for anything that the weather and the shopping season might produce, and I personally am putting on my want list to Santa…#1 Snow...#2 1893-CC Morgan $1 PCGS graded MS-65. Ok, maybe #2 is a bit out of reach even for Santa, but not here at Southgate Coins.

Your Weather Forecaster Correspondent,