Do you want to know what's going on at Santa's Workshop?  Somer gives you the inside scoop...

Santa’s Workshop

By, Somer Athari

Santa on his sleigh hauling gifts to Southgate Coins
Mischievous Southgate Coins elves

Here it is! The month of December has arrived and I am willing to argue that this month is packed full of so many emotions that it could be the most important month of the year. The month of December means so many different things to so many people. First and foremost, CHRISTMAS! Kids all over our great nation anticipate the one fine night where Santa comes down the chimneys of good little boys and girls, blessing them with their most desirable presents. Some kids anticipate the days of Hanukkah and the many days of gifts and celebration. For parents, this month is a wallet squeezer and could be highly stressful. For shop-o-holics, this month is their time to shine doing what they do best. And for everyone else, this is a time of food, merriment, egg nog, relatives on the couch (or spare room), It’s A Wonderful Lifeplaying every night, Christmas trees, snow chains (in our case anyway), warm fires, and Christmas songs!

For us at Southgate, we have become Santa’s workshop; working as hard as we can, getting all the coins in our display cases, ebay auctions, and our website.  This is a month of busy elf work. All of us girls are Santa’s little helpers, but we don’t have to make anything; our job is to answer questions, find exactly what the customer might be looking for, and do it all with a merry elf smile. The difference between the Southgate girls and Santa’s elves is that we get to see the joy in our customer’s faces when they find the coin they’ve been looking for.  We even have the décor of Santa’s infamous North Pole, which means Reno finally got SNOW! I guess Santa can create the weather; either that or our superb decorations motivated the storms. You decide.

An unhappy child on Santa’s lap

Now, wouldn’t it be nice to go straight to Santa’s workshop and not have to wait until Christmas to get your much awaited wish list completed? Well, here you can. We are creating a bigger spectacle than Santa’s visit to the malls all over the country (okay, slightest embellishment added). How does he do it? I wonder. Regardless to how Santa gets from city to city so fast, Southgate coins can go straight to your home with the flick of a finger. Now that’s faster than any sleigh.

Your Correspondent Elf,