SOUTHGATE SNIPPETS - Freakish Finish and a Beginning to Bank On

Somer explains what happened in the Kentucky Derby last weekend and announces the new Carson City Coin Collectors Of America Club, which was just launched by Rusty.

Freakish Finish and a Beginning to Bank On

By Somer Athari

Giacomo? How did this happen is the question I have been asking myself ever since the 50-1 shot trotted past the rest of the favored horses, winning only the second race of his career in this year's edition of the Kentucky Derby.

Giacomo stung the crowd last Saturday afternoon at Churchill Downs, and of course us here at Southgate Coins as well. Being one of the slowest races in Kentucky Derby history, you have to wonder how a horse named after the famous rock star, Sting's 9-year-old son, did it? It was like watching the turtle and the hare (an old Aesop Fable), racing for the finish line. Giacomo, the turtle, was in last place for a majority of the race, and just slugged past favorites like Afleet Alex and Bellamy Road, which were supposed to fly by the finish line with roses and a crown awaiting them.

Rusty came the closest to winning out of all of us. Afleet Alex, which is named after a courageous 8-year-old girl who died of cancer, came in third. If Alex would have won the Kentucky Derby, a large sum of money would have been sent to promote Alex's Lemonade Stand, set up by the young girl's family in their effort to fight cancer.

We here at Southgate Coins will still be rooting for Giacomo to win the Triple Crown, but I don't think we will be holding "every breath we take" for that to happen.

Instead, this week we held our breath as we heard the announcement that Rusty was launching the new and exciting club, "Carson City Coin Collectors Of America" or CCCCOA for short. People from all over the country have been calling in non-stop inquiring about becoming members of the club. Unlike, the longshot Giacomo winning the Kentucky Derby this year, this club is a sure bet to achieve success and has already received positive feedback from across the nation.

The club's treasurer in Boise, Idaho, has already recorded many applications for memberships and by the response thus far, the outcome seems rosier than the wreath that goes around the Kentucky Derby winner at Churchill Downs.

Finally, there is a club for all those enthusiasts who know about and love the romance associated with the celebrated "CC" mintmark and are looking for others to share in their excitement. The mission statement of the CCCCOA is:

"To increase knowledge on the subject of the Carson City Mint and the many fascinating coins produced there, and promote camaraderie among fellow 'CC' enthusiasts."

The best part about it all is the membership fee is only $20, which is far less money than a losing ticket at Churchill Downs. It's about time something with the initials "CC" on it, cost less than $100. If you are out there and you haven't already, don't contemplate too hard on joining this club (like Rusty did handicapping the Derby last weekend). If you are interested in becoming a member, be sure to send an application with your name, address, email, and whether you are a collector, dealer, or both. Oh yeah don't forget the $20 membership fee. I hear that the awesome new membership cards are just about ready to be sent out, and I think they will be in the mail around the same time as the Preakness Stakes next Saturday, which is the second leg of the Triple Crown.

Secretly, I hope that Afleet Alex wins the Preakness, or at least the horse I was rooting for in the Kentucky Derby, High Fly. I know I should be hoping that Giacomo wins, but only because if he wins the Triple Crown, Rusty has promised to take all of us at Southgate Coins to a music concert. I wonder if it will be a Sting concert? (I personally hope so.)

Your perplexed correspondent,


PS: If you would like to send in your CCCCOA membership, please make the check payable to CCCCOA and send it with your application to:


P.O. Box 16776

Boise, ID 83715-6776