SOUTHGATE SNIPPETS - Re-cap of Reno Coin Show and a Run for the Roses

Somer gives a complete re-cap of the coin show and also what's next to come, the Kentucky Derby.

Re-cap of Reno Coin Show and a Run for the Roses

By Somer Athari

Coin Show. Coin Show. Coin Show. What precision! The Reno coin show was our warm up run for the big ANA show in July. We checked everything off our list and of course, through trial and error, added items to it. We are now verified veterans of the coin show experience. Rusty gave his speech on "Six Landmark Years in the History of the Carson City Mint" and was awarded an ANA Educational Certificate. Yea, Rusty! The State Treasurers Office was even there. They were unveiling the five nominees of the new design for the Nevada statehood quarter. Then on Friday night, everyone from Southgate Coins went to a fancy dinner at Famous Murphy’s, and one of our good friends from out of town joined us.

By the time the show ended on Saturday, so many good friends and new acquaintances had stopped by our table, that none of us wanted it to end (Oh, maybe just a little). Us girls made jokes of running and jumping into the swimming pool right outside, next to our table, just so that we didn’t have to leave. Instead we dove into something more risky than the Elk's Lodge pool.

With all the good vibrations and feelings of prosperity in the air, all of us girls took a dive into a bet on the raffle prizes, in hopes of winning a $20 gold piece, which didn't happen. We didn't win anything, but we're not sore losers and luckily we have another chance tomorrow on "Free-Bet-Saturday," where Rusty places a $2 bet for us on the horse that we think will win the Kentucky Derby.

So, this week, we have been handicapping to determine which powerful, quick, and beautiful horse will win the Kentucky Derby. But who will it be? Consolidator was scratched because of an injury, which in the coin industry would be considered a damaged coin. It's a good thing the ugly cuts and spots found on coins aren't a problem in horse racing. Yikes!

There are so many great horses that have potential for the Triple Crown this year: Bellamy Road, High Fly, Afleet Alex, Wilko, Bandini, Noble Causeway, Sun King, or even Coin Silver, who proved himself a couple weeks ago in the Lexington Stakes. To be truthful, we all secretly hope Coin Silver (for obvious reasons) wins, even though the odds are fairly against him, like they were for us at the coin show raffle. Like I have stated before, I always bet for the underdog, but with so many great horses, I can't really go wrong. It's like buying a "CC" coin. You just can't go wrong, they are all so great. According to Coin Values this week, the demand for "CC" coins is so high that they can't even keep up with the pricing information. WOW! Like Rusty says, there are many underrated dates in the "CC" series that could be considered underdogs. But I don't know if there's an underdog with a chance in this year's Kentucky Derby.

In addition to watching the Derby on Saturday, we also take part in all of the other festivities that go with the Kentucky Derby, which means Julip drinks (non-alcoholic, of course), large hats, snacks, and of course screaming for your horse to go for the gold, so long as the "spot price" on its odds doesn't drop too much.

Well, we need to make those virgin Mint Julip drinks, and make sure our hats will be Going Wild, (which is another horse in the race). All us girls have been preparing our elaborate and extravagant hats all week, trying to make ours the most fashionable and best ever, even when compared to all the hats that will be in the crowd at Churchill Downs this year. Us girls, have a couple tricks up our sleeves, and I think we will really look Kentucky Derby-ish, if you know what I mean.

If the winning horse is one of our hot selections, we will root for our horse all the way to the Triple Crown. And if a horse wins the triple whammy this year, Rusty promised to take us to a company night at a music concert. You know us here at Southgate Coins, we always find reasons to have a good time.

Enjoy the race, you know we will. You can join in the festivities too, no matter where you are. Call your "bookie" or if you are going to be at the race (lucky you) go to the parimutuel clerk, and drink a Mint Julip for me.

Your coin "bookie,"