SOUTHGATE SNIPPETS - Musical Madness and A Tasty Triumph

Somer recaps on the past couple weeks and gives an explanation to the disappearance of the Snippets last Friday.

Musical Madness and A Tasty Triumph

By Somer Athari

June 2nd, 2005

Please forgive the absence of the Snippets column last week, for I was at a music festival. This is not the normal festival that people in this area are familiar with. This musical bliss consists of nothing but Bluegrass Music for five whole days. I know that most people my age aren't interested in Bluegrass, however in case you haven't noticed, I am not the normal 21 year old. I know everyone likes to enjoy an absence of reality every now and again, especially while listening to great music at the same time. It is a tradition of mine which started about four years ago and I see no end to this tradition in my future.

Speaking of traditions, our End-of-the-Semester Party was deliciously sweet, and madly entertaining. We all brought goodies to celebrate not only the end of school but also joint birthdays. Happy birthday Heather and Rusty!!

Rusty and Marie always like to add a little bit of culture into our young, college student, cultureless lives. After our huge lunch celebration, Rusty always goes into his personal movie archives and picks out some of the best classic comedies. Last year it was Young Frankenstein and this time the movie was It's a MAD MAD MAD MAD World. I have seen this movie before and I love it more and more and more and more every time. Of course after watching The Preakness earlier in the day and seeing what happened during those two very short minutes, I think it is a pretty MAD world out there.

Well, Giacomo might not have won, but he proved plenty in my opinion. He wasn't just a fluke like most people were MADLY exclaiming. I think that finishing third in the Triple Crown race isn't too shabby. I wouldn’t like third place personally, but for a horse, he did good.

Now...How can I forget about the crowd favorite from the Kentucky Derby, Afleet Alex? The Preakness flew by in a matter of two minutes, and man what an amazing two minutes! He did something that neither of us girls nor Rusty or Marie had ever seen before. At the last leg of the race, Alex almost tripped over Scrappy T, but (and here is the kicker) he didn't fall! In fact, he landed on his boney little knees and jumped back up passing two horses to win the race. It was MADNESS to watch. Well I kind of covered my eyes assuming I would be limiting myself from the gore that could have occurred at that very moment, but he made it past that finish line in first place. Now that is a born winner, unlike my horse, who was nowhere to be found and definitely didn't cross the finish line expecting any Black-Eyed Susans around his neck. BoOoOoOo!! I couldn't help but be somewhat MAD! Well so it goes. We here at Southgate Coins are just anticipating the final leg of the Triple Crown, which is coming up a week from this Saturday.

Some of you may already be curious about how the Carson City Coin Collectors of America club is coming along (see prior articles). Well, everything is in full swing and applications are flowing in like all the rain we have been having during this MAD spring season.

Well that's all folks, until next week.

Your MADLY entertaining correspondent,