SOUTHGATE SNIPPETS - Somethins' Developin'

Something has been developing at Southgate Coins and Somer tells of all the exciting things to come.

Somethins' Developin'

By Somer Athari

This week has been an extraordinary one here at Southgate Coins. Whether it is the development of Southgate Coins' newest Web site, the development of Curry's Chronicles (which is the new quarterly for the Carson City Coin Collectors of America), the development of the last leg of the Triple Crown, or even the development of some unusual weather, we have been full of activity.

The development of the new and improved Southgate Coins website has been a precious process that has been on Rusty and Marie's "things to do list" for a couple years now. With the Web site project in full force all of us here work together to make sure that everything will be accessible to the Internet surfers out there, like yourselves. There will be so much available it will be like having our store right there at your fingertips, unfortunately us girls won't be there to greet you with our great customer service. That is of course, unless you send us a little email with your questions, comments, concerns, or wish lists. There will be a barrage of hundreds of pictures, inventory, articles (of course), and eventually even a sister site for all the CCCCOA members out there, to exchange information in their own personal chat room about important Carson City Coinage News.

Speaking of the CCCCOA members, we have been receiving so much positive feedback about the club that I am thrilled to say that the very first quarterly for the Carson City Coin Collectors of America club is at the printers as we speak. It includes member articles, various pictures, and even scheduled meetings that will be available for some of the biggest fans of Carson City coins out there. We have already started thinking about the next quarterly to come out, and some of the exciting things to come.

As for the Triple Crown, the Belmont is sure to bring serious competition between the crowd favorite from the Preakness, Afleet Alex, and of course the shocker, Giacomo from the Kentucky Derby; only this weekend will tell. I will stick to my guns and go back to my normal rooting for the underdog, 50-1 shot. Maybe this time it will prove to be a pretty good bet with all the big surprises this year. I’ll never forget last year's Belmont when my sentimental choice, Birdstone upset Smarty Jones' bid for the Triple Crown and paid $74 for a $2 bet.

The biggest development that we have had here in Reno, was snowfall on Tuesday of this week. Here in the valley we have had rain and bitter chilling wind. In Tahoe, a couple inches of snow stuck to the midnight ground. They say the cold front should be gone by this weekend and spring can finally move into summer, but I will be keeping my fingers crossed anyways.

With everything developing as it is here at Southgate Coins, soon there will be explosions of exciting completions. Enjoy the sun if you have it, and for all you CCCCOA members, look forward to seeing Curry's Chronicles in your mail box shortly, also check back in the next couple weeks to see if the new website is finished. Be sure to tune into the Belmont this Saturday for an exciting two and a half minute race.

Your developing correspondent on the spot,