SOUTHGATE SNIPPETS - The Wind and The Winners

This week, Somer awards some of the winners from various categories for their number one placement. Naturally, none of the winners are people.

The Wind and the Winners

By Somer Athari

After seeing the final 10 seconds of the 137th running of the Belmont Stakes last Saturday, I now know what it truly means to be a winner. Afleet Alex, speeding in at a rating of 106, flew past the other notable horses, including my own pick, like a hurricane crashing through barriers. Alex started in last place just waiting for his moment and when the time was right, he squeezed through two horses and it was like he kicked it into high gear and everyone was left to "eat his dust!" It makes many think (especially his own jockey, who blamed the Kentucky Derby loss on himself and not the horse) that Alex was a Triple Crown winner and was robbed of the title from Giacomo in the Kentucky Derby. I agree full heartedly that he was meant to be a Triple Crown winner, just as much as I see so many "CC" coins that should be certified in higher grades than issued by the grading services.

It seems to me like the way to really achieve winner-dom is to have a great team helping you along the way. Afleet Alex has his owner, trainer, stable workers, grooms, work-out riders, and of course a competent jockey. Here at Southgate Coins, our team isn't entering horses in races; however we do always strive to be winners in everything we do.

Speaking of winning horses, the winner of the Nevada Statehood quarter has been chosen. The quarter will feature the beauty of the wild mustangs that have been running free in Nevada since they were imported all those years ago before Nevada was even recognized as a Territory. The newspapers say that there was no competition, and the three galloping mustangs ran away with the win. The Nevada Statehood commemorative quarter is scheduled to be released in January of 2006 and you can be sure that we will be flipping up hundreds of them for our loyal customers.

Even the wind is blowing away all opponents. For the past three days we have had ferocious wind in the Truckee River Valley. I am not referring to generic breezes, which are a nice contrast to the hot summer rays of sunshine; this wind was clocked at about 80 MPH in parts of Reno last night. To add to this chilly wind, we also have had pollen racing unmercifully through the harsh air.

All in all, the above mentioned contentious entities have placed at the top of the charts in their specified categories as "the best of the best" (or "worst of the worst" depending on your outlook) this week. The recent flurry of winners has inspired something in all of us here at Southgate Coins. I myself have been pondering the notion of "A Coin Shop Olympics." I can picture it now...(dream sequence)...various races would include: jumping-for-the-door bell events, coin flipping relays, phone answering derbies, etc. Gold medals awarded in every category hanging around our necks...(cheers from all around) Hip Hip Hooray for Southgate Coins!!!

Okay, sometimes, imaginations run wild on Fridays, don't you think?

Your dream winning correspondent,