SOUTHGATE SNIPPETS - Reno's Rustlin' Rodeo Rendition

Somethin's rustlin' around Southgate Coins, and Somer is just the cowgirl to spill the beans.

Reno's Rustlin' Rodeo Rendition

By Somer Athari

(How about a little country tone) YEEEHAAAA!! The Rodeo is in town and here at Southgate Coins we are really fittin' the part. As you already know, we've got lots and lots of traditions here, and during these hot months of early summer, there's nothin' different. All week the Reno Rodeo has been rustlin' up the excitement of locals in the area, with a fair and amusements for the youngins' and of course the bucking broncos and cowboys for the adults.

All of us here at the coin shop have been dressin' to the nines includin' cowboy hats, Levi jeans, belt buckles, boots, and other western wear during the week the rodeo round-ups here in Reno. We have been hog tyin' our happy customers in with all our friendly down-home attitudes and western attire.

Because we are such horse fans it only seems fittin' too, of course to celebrate this-here-rodeo. Many of these traditions actually date back to when Rusty and Marie had a coin emporium shop in Las Vegas. Traditions like all those company movie nights, birthday celebrations, horse race events, and lots and lots of snapshots. Rusty has always been that guy behind the camera, and this week is nothin' different.

Pictures have been snappin' around this place as if we were somethin' special. In fact, with all the people complimentin' us on our garbs, all us girls feel like we are fabulously famous.

With all the members joinin' the CCCCOA, which is now over 100 folks, I think we are getting pretty famous. It takes all kinds of preparation to get a club kickin', but it is on the run, nobody can stop it now. And if you club members are expectin' your first issue of Curry's Chronicle, they were sent out via the overland mail, and should be reachin' your parts lickity-split.

Speakin'of lickity-split, the ANA' annual summer get together in San Francisco is comin' up real soon, and boy are we getting keyed up. We got all our plans set in motion and we are already thinkin' about some extracurricular activities while we're there. If any of you' all have any recommendations (we are already planning for dinner at Scoma's, thank you), let me know, and maybe we could go someplace real special/fancy/and of course fun. We are gonna have more fun than a wholesome shoot-out!

Well, I hope you all had as much fun as I did with these little snippets of information, and I hope to hear/see you all real soon. Thanks for readin'.

You' alls cowgirl correspondent,