This week's Snippets will be just that, a snippet of information. Somer tells a condensed version of the events at Southgate Coins.

Time Ticking Away

By Somer Athari

Do me a favor all you Southgate fans, and forgive me for the abbreviated version of Snippets this week. We have been busy-bees here at Southgate Coins, and with so much to do, some sacrifices need to be made for more important things like, the ANA countdown, Heather's Hawaii trip with her family, and of course the most important, my birthday!! (just kidding!) You already know the preparations that are currently underway for the ANA in San Francisco, but what about all the other exciting events taking place.

The big 22-year marker in my life is coming up, and I am counting down the days.  My birthday is on the 18th, and with a little early celebrating, I will be rafting down the American River in Sacramento by this time tomorrow (Saturday). Also around this time tomorrow, Heather will be counting down the minutes as she looks out the window of her plane as it lands in Hawaii. But that's not all... what else could possibly be happening here at Southgate Coins?

If all of you faithful friends have been watching our eBay activities, you have seen that we have been counting down to reach another milestone in our Feedback Forum. 1000 positive feedbacks will be occurring sometime, today! (At press time our total stood at 998, and by the time you read this we may have already reached the magic milestone.) Rusty has kept the surprise planned to celebrate the event hidden from all of us, making sure not to unveil it until the 1000th feedback hits. I will make sure to fill all of you in next week about this very special occasion.

As you can easily see, time is of the essence this week, and I can not slow it down for anything, not even Snippets. So, without further adieu, time before anymore passes by and I'll bring this very special edition (for me) to an end. Until the next very busy week...

Your aging correspondent,