SOUTHGATE SNIPPETS - The Countdown Celebration

It's time to celebrate here at Southgate Coins. We've finally done it, a red star now resides next to our name on eBay. Somer gives you the inside scoop on what happened and what everyone will be doing to celebrate this very special occasion.

The Countdown Celebration

By Somer Athari

We've finally done it. The big 1000 positive feedbacks have come and gone, and it has really stirred up quite a commotion here at Southgate Coins. Next to our name on eBay you will all notice the new fancy red star, which signifies our rank as STUPENDOUS power sellers. Since the last celebration we had at Southgate Coins for reaching the 500 positive feedback mark, Rusty has been telling us all that he had something very special planned for when we hit the millennia moment.

As soon as the final feedback came in, Sarah announced its arrival with a multi-sound noise maker, equipped with machine guns, whistles, and bomb drops. Rusty took plenty of pictures and then proclaimed that the prize had been under our noses the whole time. In fact, just below our noses and in our hearts. After a moment of searching we found a little note underneath a sticker that says "I ? 1000 feedbacks."

I don't want to give it all away, but I have to tell you that this is a really, really BIG treat: One fun-filled night at the restored Cal Neva Hotel and Casino in Tahoe. (And now in my best game show host tone) But that's not all folks; tell them what else they've won!! Well Bob, it also comes equipped with dinner for 5 at the luxurious Crystal Bay Steakhouse and a fabulous show featuring the renowned, The Doors revival band, Wild Child. Also behind door number two, they win A BRAND NEW CAR!!! OK, ok, maybe not a car, but this prize that Rusty cooked up could easily be compared to any on a famous game show.

As for next week's Snippets, we will all be enjoying ourselves at the ANA in San Francisco and I will be unable to send my thoughts via the Internet. No worries though, I will be sure to write double the normal Snippet load. Wish us all luck on our trip that begins Tuesday morning and doesn't end until Saturday evening. The store will be closed, so please, please out of all the times to come visit, don't make next week from the 26th – 31st your time to do it, unless of course you want to come say hi to us at our booth in San Francisco.

See you all in two weeks. Don't miss all of us here at Southgate Coins too much!

Your Eager Correspondent,


P.S. – As you can see, I am still alive after last weekend's rafting trip. I only fell off a few times, which I think is customary on your 22nd Birthday party.