SOUTHGATE SNIPPETS - Coin Show Stars Take Two

Somer tells of the Coin Show Ball which is coming up this weekend. Fashion, people, and food....

Coin Show Stars Take Two

By, Somer Athari

This week has been a déjà vu to the weeks of rehearsals for the San Francisco ANA, and we have really become pros of coin shows. Unfortunately, this week's Snippets will have to be cut short for simple priority reasons. No more lollygagging, we have the Carson City Mint to attend, a VIP event. All of us girls will be there in our best Southgate apparel and the flashing of pictures will leave us dizzy with excitement. As always, I will be there every step of the way, making sure no detail is left behind: coins, important people, special events, raffles, and most importantly in my I also have been tipped off to something special Rusty has up his sleeve, and I will be right there to help unravel the scoop. Until then, all of us at Southgate have our 12th Annual Coin Show Ball to attend.

Your Starry-Eyed Spectacle,