Somer has a few surprises and she is ready to tell everyone! She talks about the Carson City Mint Coin Show too.

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Surprise, Surprise


By Somer Athari

Southgate Coins employees gather at their booth at the Carson City Coin Show

The Carson City Mint. The light odor of freshly brewed coffee and over a hundred years of history fumed out of the main gallery where Southgate Coins had set up. We were prepared and ready at 8:00 A.M., as we embarked on our coin show adventure. The public dashed in immediately and began to gawk over all the great coins on display. Rusty was busy with all the people who had purchased the book and he was ever so gracious to sign them, both at our booth and the official book signing. Everyone who experienced the show was overwhelmed with all the sights and great finds. So many happy collectors departed that very special show with completed sets and gigantic grins... even the kids under 13 left excited.

Southgate Coins sells everything you need to complete a 20th Century Type Set

One of the great ideas that Rusty came up with was a special promotion for the kids... free stuff!!! Something that they could do all by themselves; a 20th century type set. The coolest part about the whole event was we even started them out with a free buffalo nickel of their choice. That first and second day of the show, 50 kids went home with a new hobby and big smiles on their faces, almost as big as a Christmas morning smile. I know how free things can really spark a big, happy grin.

Another really cool thing was the entire set of 109 out of 111 Carson City coins were on display for the first time in a year and people were ecstatic. The crowd was exuberant and shimmering in awe over the stunning exhibit... and maybe the fact that the old building does not come equipped with air conditioning had something to do with the shimmer.

Southgate Coins employees and friends gather for dinner

Something that really makes us girls ecstatic is, as you may know already, food. One of our great customers has a tradition of making sure that each of us Southgate girls has fantastic muffins made at a famous local Carson City Bakery. Yummy! It’s still a surprise every year!

Of course, we too have traditions here at the Southgate family and they always involve food. After the show on Saturday, the whole crew went to dinner. Rusty, Sarah, and I had a special shocker for Marie and the girls (still at the store) with a few mystery guests. So when we made it to the restaurant, NV50, which is a new fine dining restaurant off of, you guessed it, highway 50 in Carson City, Marie and the girls were super surprised to see a couple great customers and friends from Vegas had come and joined us for dinner. The food was, of course spectacular, as always!

Southgate Coins employee Somer gets her brand new silver truck

I just love to surprise people also, so this week I had an even BIGGER surprise for Rusty, Marie, and all the girls at Southgate... not just bigger, but extended cab bigger! I bought myself a BRAND NEW TRUCK! That's right folks. A .999 fine silver Toyota Tacoma and loaded with everything a young adventuress correspondent could hope for. So be sure to wave or honk because you just might see me "coming shortly to a neighborhood near you!" As for the rest, well the rest is history, and you might see it all someday at the Nevada State Museum, A.K.A. the Carson City Mint.

Your Truck Driving/Coin Show Attendee Correspondent,


P.S. All of us here at Southgate Coins would like to send our condolences to all the people affected in Katrina’s wake. May luck be the only thing left to blow into the South.