Sara's First Blog

Well, here it is. My first weblog on the Southgate website! Being the new girl at Southgate Coins, I get to see everything (and I mean everything) done firsthand. I can’t even begin to explain to everyone just how different working here really is.

Coming from a large and busy retail clothes store with a lot of employees, you can imagine my surprise when I was told that Marie and Rusty were taking all their employees (all four of us girls) out to dinner.

We went to House of Orchid, a new Chinese/Japanese restaurant located here in Reno. We were there to celebrate a few things: Amy’s return, which was definitely a happy one, and my new addition to the family. It was absolutely pure fun. We all laughed (Heather and I to the point of tears) and we all had an opinion on the food at the House of Orchid.

The food. Oh goodness! I don’t want to be the bad guy or the mean critic, but it is in no doubt that House of Orchid has its kinks to work out. While being seated, we all noticed that the walls were quite bare. Not much to look at. It was a large and roomy place, with not many tables taken up, and yet they sat us in the very back corner of the restaurant where most customers would feel very isolated. But not the Southgate family. We knew that sitting in the back would mean our laugher and stories would not bother any of the other customers. Although, it was quite chilly in the corner which is odd on a summer evening in Nevada.

We finally ordered. Rice, noodles, and a clay pot dish were just a few of the entrees decided upon. We noticed that the order in which the food was served was not very coordinated. Our soup didn't come until the end of our meal. Our entrees were all mixed up, some arriving cold and inedible.

Southgate Coins staff dines at House of Orchid

Even through the small mishaps, all of us had a wonderful time. We even got to see a close personal friend of Marie and Rusty’s dinning there also!

All in all, I can honestly say it was a brand new experience to me. It was nice to feel part of a family which I work with. It not only makes me feel very welcomed, but it's nice to come in to the shop in the morning and be greeted by people I know I can trust. Southgate is a place not only to have fun, to learn, but also to meet people who you'll never forget for the rest of your years.