Amy's Snippets "Carson City Lecture"

Southgate Coins owner Rusty Goe at the lecture podium

The Carson City Historical Society hosted our very own Rusty Goe in presenting for the first time in public, his research on "The Most Frightening Experience in James Crawford’s Life" at the Carson City Public Library on Wednesday the 9th of August. Here's a little sneak preview of what went on at the lecture....

The Public's First Look at James Crawford:

The Master of the Mint at Carson City: A Short, Full Life

By Amy Williams

Friday, August 11, 2006

With current buzz of Rusty's newly anticipated book, James Crawford: The Master of the Mint at Carson City: A Short, Full Life, expected out in January of 2007, organizations and groups have been knocking at our door in hopes of having this award winning author come and preview his new book at their special events, lectures, and dinners.

Here at Southgate Coins, we are all very anxious to get our in-house author to these events.  There’s nothing better than booking an event and letting Rusty get some fresh air, sunshine, and human contact. For you see, he is usually locked away in his dark cave (also known as his office).

The first of these special previews was held this last Wednesday the 9th at the Carson City Library in front of a crowd of about thirty historical (and Rusty Goe) enthusiasts. I had the privilege of attending this event with Rusty down in Carson.

Along with Rusty’s prepared lecture, we also brought along several special tokens for the audience to "ooo" and "aahh" over. This included some never-seen-before pictures of a handful of male Meder’s, and a headshot of the man of the hour, James Crawford. Also, no talk would be complete without some real life Carson City coins. For this event, we brought along an 1876-CC dime and quarter. I was sure to keep a tight eye on both of these while the crowd got up close and personal with these jewels. It was a great treat to have these tokens included in this presentation.

Rusty Goe meeting fans of his books and signing autographs

Also of note was after the entire presentation was adjourned. The people in attendance were able to come up front to personally meet our famed author, get an autograph or two, and look into what our Carson City Coin Collectors of America Club is all about. One attendee who came to the front was actually the father of Susan Ballew, the president of the Carson City Historical Society. To our amazement, her 92 year-young father has been writing and taking pictures for the local newspaper the Appeal for decades – and still writes a daily article! As soon as Mr. Dolan told Rusty that he has taken over 200,000 pictures in his lifetime, I knew it would take a miracle to ever get Rusty back home to Reno.

But let’s not forget the real reason for this trip to Carson…the lecture portion! Rusty entertained the audience with an in depth discussion on "The Most Frightening Experience in James Crawford’s Life." He kept the listeners on pins and needles until no one could take it any longer. This might sound cliché, but you could seriously hear a pin drop, as the crowd listened intently to the presenter, hoping not to miss the big news. It seemed as if everyone’s clinched knuckles were turning white with anticipation. As I observed what was happening to the audience, I looked to Rusty to see a wild smirk on his face – I knew he was enjoying this.

What was the most frightening experience you ask? Well, my friends, my lips are sealed…you all will have to wait until you can read it for yourselves in January.

Until next time,