Ol' Time Sayings

Yesterday Rusty acquired some neat historic photos; I have been preparing them for another book that Rusty is planning to write. While I was scanning the images I came across these men wearing these aprons with what appeared to be their creed for having a good time:

"Welcome to the Biltz’s Incline Lake"...

The Roastmaster says,

EAT. . . 'Till your tummy says "Plenty"

DRINK . . . 'Till your nose says "When"

LAUGH . . . 'Till your heart feels Twenty

THEN . . . Start in all over . . . AGAIN!

And Don't Forget to Come Back

It has been very interesting looking through these old 1950s photographs of people and the BBQs and parties they used to have. Keep an eye out for these photographs to appear in a book about Norman Biltz, "The Duke of Nevada."

-- Heather