Amy's Back!

I'm back!!! After spending the summer working down in the Mojave Desert at a Baskin Robbins, I am finally back where I belong here at Southgate. I was greeted this morning with smiling faces from the crew and tons of work to do! The gang has been super busy recently and I am glad to be back to assist with all the happenings. This Wednesday, I am especially looking forward to assisting Rusty with his lecture down in Carson City ... I got a little preview of the lecture today, and encourage all who are able to attend. Also, since "all work and no play" is not the Southgate way—this Friday, the entire Southgate Family is going out for dinner. As you can imagine, all company dinners are guaranteed to be extremely fun with tons of food and renewed friendships.

I am glad to be back. There is nothing better than working with the best people who are so committed to their customers and store.