Mirror Mirror On The Wall

A Magical Affair

Southgate Coins goes to a winter move, Enchanted

Well, well, here at the store we are definitely in the holiday swing. To help celebrate this wonderful time of year, Marie had us stay late this past Saturday and work hard at scrubbing the floors, Cinderella-style. No, just kidding—Marie’s not that mean! We did do a little bit of clean-up around the store to make it look spiffy for the holidays, but it was definitely worth it for the events to come later on in the day.

Instead of harsh labor, our great bosses decided to treat the staff to a trip to the movie theatres to see Disney’s Enchanted. If you’re unfamiliar with the title, Enchanted is a mockery of the typical fairy-tale scenario: there is a shining Prince Edward, an evil stepmother who’s the queen of Andolasia, and of course the wonderful, perfect, singing maiden named Giselle, who’s soon to be married into the royal family. However, things don’t go quite as planned for the hopeful girl, as the queen is threatened by her son taking the throne. In short, the queen pushes her into a magic well that transports Giselle to the scariest place she’s ever been: modern day New York City. Here, she is forced to endure the cruelties of city-life until her brave Prince Edward comes to rescue her, in all-out comic fashion, of course!

Prince Edward of Enchanted
The princess from Enchanted

You can probably tell just by my little synopsis that this movie was bursting at the seams with laughs. Everything from the charming prince’s monstrous ego, to the little talking squirrel named Pip seemed to make these Southgate employees chuckle in delight. Here to tell us her account of the festivities is our newest team member, Rachel:

Rachel here. This is my first weblog blurb, so I will try to keep it simple. This was my first company excursion, and let me tell you, it was tons of fun! My work pants don’t even fit me anymore due to the copious amounts of butter-smothered popcorn I inhaled. The movie was super-cute! Actually, I couldn’t tell you much about what the plot was about because I was too busy daydreaming about Patrick Dempsey and my future wedding. Ha! Just kidding. Anyway, I look forward to more good times with my co-workers and fabulous bosses.

Thanks Rachel! Now aside from the actual act of going to the movies, we had to throw in some curve balls just to make it even more of a memorable occasion. The one odd thing that comes to mind most is how we got our food at the concession stand, before the show. Now, as you know, Amy is the queen of schemes, and her cleverness allowed us to have stuffed bellies. If you don’t already know, the deal at the movie theatre is that if you get a large popcorn and eat it all, you get a free refill- butter and all. Well… that wasn’t quite good enough for us. We didn’t want to have to interrupt our movie-seeing experience just so one of us could go down to the concessions stand, wait in line, and get the refill. Instead, Amy came up with the idea of taking the free cardboard concessions trays, and dumping out our first bag so that we each had a heaping pile of popcorn all to ourselves. Not missing a beat, she sent Rachel and me back into the line so that we could get the refill—a whopping two and a half minutes after we got the initial bag. Of course, the concession stand workers knew the gag, but since it was a work party, they filled up the bag just the way we like it- a ton of butter, with a little bit of popcorn thrown in the mix, haha!

The Southgate Coins crew gathers outside the theater for their winter movie, Enchanted

Overall, this was definitely the epitome of a fun night out on the town for Southgate Coins. We got to spend time outside the store, see a movie, and most importantly avoid the freezing weather. It was certainly a very special occasion here at the store, and needless to say, I think we all got our happily-ever-after, fairy-tale endings that night.

Hope everyone is doing well out there this holiday season.

-Maya and Rachel