Christmas comes early

This time of year brings together two of my favorite things—good friends and presents!

Along with trimming the tree, helping the holiday crowds find those perfect numismatic gifts, and trying not to slip on the icy sidewalks, comes a time to celebrate with our favorite customers that have become even better friends, and a chance to open and share in thoughtful holiday gifts.

Southgate Coins client Otto brings Swiss chocolates and Christmas presents to the coin shop

Santa sure has been looking out for us, as we have been overwhelmed with customers sending their love and support by way of Christmas cards, visits to the store and presents to the staff. This year has been no exception to the very exceptional types of presents that are received here. For example, one of our dear friends came in just this morning with a Stollen cake in-toe. For those of you unfamiliar with this traditional Christmas cake from Germany and Switzerland, it is a scrumptious dessert with delicious ingredients inside and to top it off, it is sprinkled with a plethora of powered sugar (or “snow” as I like to call it). And if that wasn’t enough sugar for one sitting, he even brought along a deluxe box of those very tempting Ferrero Raocher Hazelnut-filled chocolate cream candy truffles. Wow momma!

Christmas presents that will not expand our waistlines are also making their way into the shop. For instance, a collector Jim Beam Whiskey Decanter (need I mention it was empty upon arrival) that commemorated Reno’s 100-year anniversary in 1968 was given to us “Renoites” and is already adored by all. We have even gotten customer interest in this piece and are saddened to hear that it is not up for sale. Also, last week we were all surprised when a local floral shop delivery was made to us… I mean, what person doesn’t love getting flowers delivered to them? This beautiful holiday themed floral arrangement of red and white flowers came complete with miniature Christmas tree ornament bulbs and an ornamental green-, red-, and white-striped bowl that will be used for Christmases to come.

Southgate Coins friend and C4OA member Tom DeFina sends a decanter Christmas present to the store

To all of our friends who have shown their appreciation and support to us during this holiday season, we say thank you. You all are the reasons that make coming to the shop each and every day worthwhile. I think that it is safe to say that our cup runneth over.

I hope Santa is treating you all as well as he is treating us this season. You still have some time before that famous Saint Nicholas comes down the chimney to complete your holiday shopping. Please call the shop for holiday hours (775) 322-4455.

Until Next Time,