It's picture time!

Come gather around the fire everyone - it's picture time!

Any teaches Maya about business at the coin shop
Coin shop owner Rusty posing with lunch
Southgate Coins owners Rusty and Marie posing at the steakhouse

-Maya learning the ropes- -Trying our best to keep the boss happy- -The leaders of the pack-

C4OA Treasurer Paul Sudmeier and his wife
Maya poses with lunch at the coin shop
Amy shows off new, white sneakers for the coin shop

-C4OA Treasurer Paul and his wife- -Maya enjoying Free Lunch Friday- -Amy being Amy-

Southgate Coins’ mascots: Sonny and Mikey
Marie and Amy pose with Free Lunch Friday at the coin shop
Mikey and Sonny, the Goes’ precious Yorkie pups

-Southgate Mascots-         -Marie and Amy hard at work-    -One more for the road-

That's All Folks!