Movie night and P. F. Chang's

UNR held its spring break last week and to mark the end of it, Rusty and Marie took me out Saturday to have a night out on the town. We held business as usual from 10-3pm but as soon as I pulled the last closed sign – the party began.

Southgate Coins owners Rusty and Marie Goe treat Amy to PF Chang’s

Now, you might not know this, but our very own Rusty Goe is big on surprises and because of this, the agenda for the night held "mum’s the word" and I had no idea what the festivities held. For all I knew, they were going to take me to their overly-stuffed overly-dusty storage unit and make me clean and organize it.

But thankfully for me, instead of the storage unit, Rusty pulled us into the parking lot of the movie theaters. In keeping with the secret, I was not even allowed to go with Rusty to buy the tickets because then I would find out what we were seeing. What gives here people? However, thinking that I could out smart the master, I decided to sum up the start times of each movie to the time on my watch to see if I could figure it out. And I am sure that you all guessed that I didn’t succeed. After we bought the gummy bears and diet cokes we were off to be seated... to go and see... the newly released... hey if I had to wait so long to find out so do you... five-star movie Reign Over Mewith Adam Sandler. And what an intense movie that was!

Dinner selection for the Southgate Coins employees

Afterwards I was whisked away for some yummy delights at P. F. Chang’s China Bistro. And my oh my what a feast we had! Our waiter (who looked like Napoleon Dynamite by the way) waited on us hand and foot bringing us everything from spare ribs to crab wontons to orange chicken to even a seven layer chocolate cake called "The Great Wall of Chocolate." Now doesn’t that sound healthy?

I guess now I can finally deal with going back to school. I sure loved working at the store full - time during the break and loved even more getting to hang out with my bosses. Thanks again you two for a wonderful night you surprised me with. I know I have told you a million times but – you’re the greatest.