Calendar of events for the summer

My oh my... can you believe that it is a new month already? H. H. Riley once said, "All good things must come to an end." And as a result of that, it must mean that March was a good month, eh? Just this morning Marie reminded me that I have the end-of-the-month affairs for March waiting for me to complete. How can this be though? Last time I checked it was February! A wise man once said, "Time and tide wait for no man." But where exactly does the time go?

Well, I take that back. I know where all of our time goes. Between taking care of our customers, answering nonstop emails and incoming phone calls, training new employees, tying up loose ends of Rusty’s new book in order for it to be sent to the printers, handling C4OA business, and so on, keeps us all very busy throughout the days and weeks of each month. Lately we have been unusually busy with helping people who are looking to see what their collections and accumulations of coins are valued at; and as the old Latin Proverb goes, "All that glitters is not always gold."

Rusty and Marie pose at Southgate Coins

Our store’s calendar of events for this summer is shaping up rather nicely. We have some very special customers and friends of the store that are coming to visit within the next few weeks, and as always we are anxious to catch up with them. As Ben Franklin stated, "A brother may not be a friend, but a friend will always be a brother." The first Saturday of May is of course the big Kentucky Derby Day where we always make a point to dress up with the big hats and watch the horse races throughout the day. The next edition of the Curry’s Chronicle (the quarterly journal of our Carson City Coin Collectors of America club) will be published the first of June. Rusty’s new book will hopefully be published by that time as well. At that time, we will be busy attending book signing events and special promotions, as well as shipping out the new books to all the very eager customers worldwide who have already placed their orders. Then of course one of the biggest events of the summer is the annual Carson City Mint Coin Show at the end of August. As you can image, it looks as if we have quite a summer ahead of us!

Marie, Rusty, and I always try to get all the new hires at the store to understand that there is always something going on, that we are always trying to beat the clock, and there will always be something to do. Just yesterday our newest employee said that, "I have a feeling this week is going to be as busy as last week, so I’ve definitely got my hands full!" I can’t wait for the day when she realizes that every week is that way.

So here’s to the end of yet another month and a beginning of an end to a new one. And remember, as John Heywood once said, "All's well that ends well" right guys?