Crawford Book

Adventures with the new James Crawford book continues...

The very final preparations with our graphic publishers are being made and final deadlines are being met. But because it is getting down to the wire on getting this book complete, we are finding ourselves having to make some very interesting tweaks in our job descriptions.

For instance, did you know that I now work as a mail carrier? That’s right folks, last Saturday I tried my hand at being a postal worker when I personally drove down some pages for our graphic artist to review in the Sacramento area. We met up at a local eatery in Grass Valley, California for the official handoff of pages. And you know, this book has become so precious to all of us here at the store, I wondered if I should be driving an alarmed tank instead of my little car because I wanted to be absolutely sure that it made it safe and sound.

But of course in the end it did make it safe and sound and in the hands of the very talented Rosemarie. Without her we would not be able to stay afloat in this enormous project. Who knew that researching for and writing the entire manuscript was just the beginning?

Rosemary helped make Rusty Goe’s James Crawford book a success

(Miss Rosemarie herself)

Thanks again Rosemarie for meeting me on that very rainy and stormy Saturday evening. It was wonderful to actually meet you in person and I hope that sometime when this book is finally published we can sit down and fellowship together. And you never know, I might even decide to bring along my bosses!

Until next time,