Introducing a New Team Member

Hi everyone... It is time for me to introduce myself. I am the newbie here at Southgate Coins. My name is Maya, and it is my first time writing a weblog, so bear with me.

I have only been at the store a little over a month, and I have learned SO much more than I expected to. I could not have even fathomed the amount of knowledge that is stored behind these four walls. Everything from sales technologies to coins, floor scrubbing to American history. Just being in this environment has heightened my knowledge of the world around me.

For instance, the other day I was sitting, taking notes in my economics class, and the topic was money. My professor astounded me by not only talking about monetary policies and inflation, but he proceeded to give us a bit of a history lesson as well! Now, under the circumstances, I was very well aware of the things he had been talking about, especially when it came to gold and silver coins and the Carson City Mint. (You definitely get the crash-course on that when you work here!)

New Southgate Coins employee Maya grabs Free Lunch Friday

The thing that really made me appreciate this new job was that I realized, if it had not been for my mere month’s time working here, I would have been completely dumbfounded like the rest of the class was. Instead, I was able to strike a conversation up with a doctor of economics, and actually contribute. Considering I am just a measly freshman, for me that is no small feat.

This job was one of hundreds listed at the UNR job board, but for some reason, it spoke to me. There is nothing like a homey environment with sincere and appreciative bosses that support you. Hardly any company offers that kind of atmosphere anymore, and it was definitely worthwhile to send over my résumé. I found a hidden passion here at Southgate Coins, and I intend to run with it – for as long as Rusty and Marie let me.

If you are a regular here at the store, you will surely be seeing me more often, because I don’t plan on venturing off any time soon!

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity, Rusty and Marie. It is sincerely appreciated.