Weekly Update

Howdy All You Weblog Fans!

It’s time to update you on all that has been happening at your favorite local coin shop...

Southgate Coins staff poses in the back room.

First up, we celebrated Rusty’s birthday recently by pulling off the biggest surprise party to date. He had no idea that we had a party up our sleeves until the very last minute. Now, as some of you may know, our fearless leader Rusty is a "low carber" in that he stays away from bread, sugar, and everything else that is delicious. So, you can imagine our struggle to find something to fit within his dietary restrictions to replace the very symbolic and necessary birthday cake. At first we were thinking about just getting a hamburger patty and sticking candles in it. But, alas! We came across a mix for "low carb" brownies and that was just the ticket! I of course also made a back-up batch of "real" brownies for everyone else to join along side the birthday boy. All in all the surprise party was a success as we celebrated another year of having Rusty in our lives (and many more... ).

Southgate Coins staffers joke with coin shop owner Marie

Ongoing spring cleaning is underway. Since the majority of our staff is now out of school for the summer months, we can really buckle down and get some of the "dirty" and "dusty" work done. Doesn’t that sound like fun?! I must admit, it isn’t too fun while you are doing it, but after everything is finished and sparkling clean, you are definitely filled with pride over what you have accomplished.

We have a lot of upcoming events coming our way. The most recent one to hit our store is the annual Rodeo Dress-Up Days which corresponds with the Reno Rodeo in mid June. Walk-in customers will be impressed with all the cowboy hats and spurs that all the employees are wearing. And, if you are a regular reader of our weblog, you are aware that I am a country girl at heart and I am sure you could guess how excited I am for this event! Yeehaw!!

Marie poses in front of Lake Tahoe
Southgate Coins owner Rusty Goe relaxing in Tahoe

The month of May has treated us pretty fairly this time around. We finally got our bosses to go and venture outside of the store and they had a chance to take in some fresh air and reenergize their spirits. We have a lot to be thankful for.

Until Next Time