Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day Everyone!

Here’s a little food for thought for you this morning- It is rumored that the very first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910 in Washington after a daughter requested to honor her father who was widowed at an early age and was left to raise his six children alone. It wasn't until 1966 however when President Lyndon Johnson officially proclaimed Fathers' Day a national holiday which was to be celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June.

And for all of you procrastinators out there, tomorrow is the 3rd Sunday of June!! Are you ready for it? Do you have all the presents wrapped, the cards signed, and the dinner reservations made? Well if you are like me, and still working on that to do list, here’s a little push in the right direction. The top gift ideas according to askmen.com include: fishing gear, a Swiss Army knife, a leather wallet, and the number one gift idea- a new watch (ooo, now doesn’t that sound nice?). Jay Leno said last night on the Tonight Show that you could also go and grab the Home Depot gift card you bought your dad last year for Father’s Day and re-gift it again for this year’s holiday.

Come on now people! Our fathers are way more important to us than this! The answer is simple. Stop giving boring neck ties and re-gifted items... why not give your dad the gift that keeps on giving and get him something from the field of numismatics? That one gift will hands down be the talk of the Father’s Day party and you will come out on top as the best gift giver this year. There are numerous ideas to consider when thinking about U.S. coinage. What about a beautiful new 2007 Silver Eagle for under twenty bucks? Or even a Carson City GSA $1 for your number one dad that won’t break the bank? The ideas are endless and all it takes is a ring at our front door to solve all your Father’s Day gift dilemmas.

But here’s the tricky part. Giving a numismatic gift is perfect for every guy on the face of the planet – except for the guy who owns his own coin shop. What in the world are we to do now? I am of course talking about our very own Rusty Goe. Now here’s the part where I go back online searching for those top gift ideas for those special men in your life. And all of this got me thinking. With everything that our boss Rusty has gone through over the past few years I am not sure that just any old gift will do. I was thinking at first about maybe getting a banner made to hang in his office (otherwise known as the "cave") that said, "So easy, even a Caveman could do it!" But that seems more like a gag gift for April Fool’s Day instead of a very thoughtful and caring gift for Father’s Day. So after many hours of thinking about that “perfect” gift for our Rusty it finally came to me.

Rusty, for Father’s Day this year, the team and I have decided to give you the gift of unconditional support and love. We offer our services as official moral supporters, expert book promoters and sellers, world class cheerleaders, and your best friends. Know that your dedicated team is right beside you fighting the good fight and getting our hands dirty along the way. You are hands down number one in our eyes and at this rate you could do no wrong. We are so proud of you and can’t thank you enough for everything that you have sacrificed in order to strengthen our company. So with that, have a very Happy Father’s Day Rusty Goe and know that we would be nothing without our team captain.