Weekly Update

Hello to our of our faithful weblog readers! It has been a couple of weeks since our last entry and boy do we have news to update you on.

First and foremost:

The James Crawford book has been released!!! For months now we have been promising and anticipating the release of this massive 650-page volume concerning the 4th Superintendent of the Carson City Mint and the time has finally come!

We had 1,000 copies of the hard cover edition printed and look forward to getting all of those 1,000 books out to the hands of all of our friends and people who are interested in the topic. We received thirty-eight cases of the new books directly to our store on Tuesday and you know, since that time, I no longer feel like I manage a coin shop but instead that I manage a shipping store! Books are being shipped left and right from here to there and everywhere. The staffers have even decided to skip out on weight-training classes this week because each case of books weighs about thirty-seven pounds. I think it is safe to say that our UPS man is also skipping out on his weight training this week as well...

Rusty has been working tirelessly for the past two years to get to this point and we have come to discover that that is no small feat! Did you know that before Rusty starting researching for this book, there was no known photographs published of James Crawford? Rusty literally had to start from scratch in his research as Crawford didn’t even maintain a journal or dairy of sorts. Almost all of the information researched on Crawford came from local newspaper articles as (he came to find out) Crawford was a pretty popular guy in Carson City and the surrounding areas during his time.

Looking back at all the obstacles we had in getting this book published, in the end it was worth it because we produced such a beautiful book to last all of time. James Crawford was such an amazing and caring man and worked until his death to put our beloved Carson City Mint on the map. Until now, his legacy went unnoticed and unappreciated. James Crawford deserved this book to be written in his name and Rusty delivered that one hundred percent.

Southgate Coins owner Rusty Goe and staffer Amy meet with Richard Bishop and his wife

If you have not made an order for this new book on Crawford yet, I strongly suggest you do. (The picture above is a fellow C4OA club member picking up his autographed copy!) Not only is the new Crawford book an enjoyable biography about one of the most beloved men in Carson City at that time, but it also includes other historical and human-interest stories embedded between the pages as well. There is definitely something for everyone to read and take something away from. Ordering may be done online under the “Books” link and phone orders are accepted during regular store hours at (775) 322-4455. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime read!

In other Southgate news:

As if the book release isn't enough to occupy our time these days, we also have been busy on several other projects as well. The most noticeable is the tenant improvements that our shopping center is undergoing for the next three months. This "face lift" is focusing on getting our shopping center a new stucco exterior on the buildings as well as fresh paint. But if you ask me, I kind of like the look that we are sporting right now on the outside walls. The construction team has removed the paneling and all that is left is the brown colored wood. And to me, it gives the entire shopping center an “Old West” feel.

Renovations taking place at Southgate Coins

We are almost two weeks away from shipping Rusty off to the ANA Show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to host the annual Carson City Coin Collectors of America general meeting being held on August 9th at 1pm. We also have our award-winning author attending a book signing at the show to promote the new Crawford book. If you are planning to attend the ANA this year be sure and tell Rusty hello!

Well my friends, the sight of customers at our door is a sign for me to sign-off for today. Hope this finds you happy and healthy.

--Until Next Time, Amy