Let Freedom Ring!

The Southgate staff is at it again – partying that is! Last Saturday we treated ourselves to a little R and R after work at our boss' house, enjoying some of Rusty’s famous hamburgers and playing a little croquet. And what a treat it was for all of the Southgate staff to fellowship together and celebrate the accomplishments that we have achieved. For me, it was just nice to get to hang out with some of my favorite people outside of the walls of the store.

After we closed up shop on Saturday everyone caravanned up to Rusty and Marie’s house ready and anxious for some good food and some good fun. Marie kicked things off by having us all gather on her newly painted deck where we all swapped stories of the past and had a few laughs at our own expenses. Rusty quickly moved us to the official croquet field (otherwise known as the side yard, but hey) and there Rusty explained the rules of the game. Now, there were only four of us playing, but man was it hard to keep straight on whose turn was up next! I think we spent more time trying to figure that out than playing! And luckily for Maya and me we were given a learning curve pass and were offered a couple of "mercy" shots when we fell behind the group. I don’t know if you remember reading in my Kentucky Derby weblog, but I reported that my horse came in very last place (go figure) and Rusty’s horse came in first. And thinking about it, that happened again to us – I came in last place in our croquet game and Rusty came in first! So much for those mercy shots. But who am I to break tradition?

As the sun was settling down for the night behind the magnificent Mount Rose, Rusty started up the grill and we got ready to feast. And wouldn't you know it; the weather was just perfect for the occasion with a slight breeze to cool us all down from our recent croquet tournament. I told Marie in the best Goldie Locks voice that I could that the weather was "juuuust right." One by one Rusty flipped the hot cheeseburgers off the grill and we started settling down for the night.


To end our relaxing evening, we piled onto the living room couches with Yorkie puppies on our laps. Rusty put on a Saturday Night Live skit mocking a television commercial from a company trying to sell gold bullion. We all had a good laugh over the "smoke and mirrors" that companies like that try and use on helpless people and what we can do in our own store to mock the commercial even further. Then he put on a 1960s film, The Great Race, and we were set. But wouldn’t you know that Rusty and Marie had one more special surprise to go along with the party and that was Orange Dreamsicle milkshakes to sip while watching the movie. Yum-o!


Maya and I left that night with full tummies and great memories. My question now is when do we get to do it again guys??

On this Fourth of July let’s not forget to celebrate America’s birthday by remembering those who are protecting our freedoms today. Hope you are spending the fourth with the people you love the most. I know I am. Have a safe and sane Fourth of July everyone!

 --Until Next Time,