A Day of Firsts - Cara and Brittany's Big Adventure

Hello everyone. My name is Cara and I’m the newest addition to the staff at Southgate Coins. Today the crew thought it would be a good day for me to introduce myself. I’ve been working here for about a month and a half and this is my very first weblog.

A Day of Firsts – Cara and Brittany’s Big Adventure 10-15-08

Coin Shop employee Cara smiles for the camera

There’s a tradition at Southgate Coins that every Friday, Rusty and Marie buy lunch for all the girls working that day. We call it Free Lunch Friday. This past Friday, October 10th, was my very first Free Lunch Friday, and it was a very eventful one at that. Usually, only one of the girls is given the responsibility of going and picking up the food for the whole crew, but since it was my first FLF, Brittany was sent along with me to make sure I could handle everything. Brittany and I hopped into my car and headed off to make a quick stop at the bank before we picked up lunch at Carl’s Jr. It snowed for the first time this season that day.

The roads were slick, but thankfully, it wasn’t cold enough for the snow to stick to the ground yet. We were stopped waiting for cars to pass so I could make a left turn towards the bank, when all of a sudden SMACK! --I was rear-ended by another car. Both Brittany and I got out of the car to make sure the other driver was okay.

After speaking to her, a very nice lady by the way, we pulled into a parking lot to exchange information and to take a look at the damage. Fortunately, my car wasn’t hurt badly; the license plate was dented in, and the fender was pushed in and dented.

Brittany, Cara, and Maya pick up Free Lunch Friday at Southgate Coins

While I was dealing with car insurance information, Brittany quickly took out her cell phone and called the shop. Maya, being the awesome co-worker that she is, braved the snow and drove over to grab the bank deposit and the food-order list, so she could pick-up everyone’s lunch, while Brittany and I traveled back to the shop.

When Maya got back from picking up lunch, Rusty took a picture of Brittany, Maya, and me because it took all three of us to get lunch on this particular Free Lunch Friday..

Overall, it was a day of firsts: my first Free Lunch Friday, the season’s first snowfall, and Southgate Coins’ first employee car accident this year..

I just had to add to it by posting my first weblog to tell you all about it..